Chubby Brazilian Woman Pushed a Priest Off Stage After Saying “Fat Women Cannot Go to Heaven”

This was done during a youth retreat and in front of 50,000 attendees

  • Father Marcelo Rossi is known to have strong opinions on topics such as homosexuality and same-sex marriage, among others
  • During one of his sermons, a woman suddenly went up on stage and pushed him off of the stage
  • It was said that the priest said “fat women cannot go to Heaven” which may have angered the woman

With every religion, there is always a figurehead that leads the followers, and priests are perfect examples. They deliver the Word of God, and they lead the Holy Mass every Sunday.

During a Mass, there would be a part of it where the priest would give a sermon to the people. The topic of the sermon can vary, from the teachings of the Bible on that day, or something that the priest would just want to share.

Father Marcelo Rossi is from Brazil. He is popular in the country but in the past, he has given his own strong opinions that is related to the LGBTQ community, saying that homosexuality is a mental illness and that he is strongly opposed to same-sex marriage.

brazilian woman pushes priest off stage
Father Marcelo Rossi while giving his sermon in the youth retreat

He was part of a youth retreat in Brazil and he was giving his sermon on stage when all of a sudden, a Brazilian woman went up the stage and pushed him off. This was caught on camera and was done in front of 50,000 people attending the Mass.

Watch the video here:

It was thought that Father Rossi may have said that “fat women cannot go to Heaven,” and this may have triggered the woman to do the act. She was caught by the police after the incident.

brazilian woman pushes priest off stage
The woman came up on stage all of a sudden to push him off the stage

Father Rossi was not gravely injured and did not break anything because of the fall. It was also reported that the companions of the Brazilian woman said she has mental health issues. Her name and real motive in doing the act is still unknown.

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