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Instagram Joins the Fight Against Online Bullying

A few updates regarding posts and comments that may lead to bullying has been implemented in the social media platform

  • Instagram is a huge photo-sharing social media platform with millions of users
  • Like other social media sites, Instagram is not without any users that create posts and comments to bully other people
  • Instagram is now implementing measures to stop such acts

The social media platform is a means for people to share ideas, pictures or basically what they have in mind for everyone else to see. At the same time, it becomes a platform for people to show that they do not like certain things, which leads to bullying or abusive behavior by its users.

Instagram is a social media platform that had the goal of easily sharing pictures. First established back in 2010, they introduced the use of “filters” to enhance the pictures that you would share and you would have the option of having “followers” who can see your posts easily when you make one. The platform is now owned by Facebook, who bought it on April 2012 for $1 billion.

Instagram Joins the Fight Against Online Bullying

Like other social media sites, Instagram has its own share of online bullying incidents. Just recently, they have announced that they will be rolling out a couple of tools to help the fight against cyber bullies.

From a report made by GMA News, one of the new tools would give a warning that the comment that is going to be posted may be considered offensive. This is going to be detected by artificial intelligence. This makes people think of their comment and they can either change it or say something else entirely.

Instagram Joins the Fight Against Online Bullying

Another tool aims to prevent negative comments from spreading in a user’s newsfeed.

A third tool that is still being tested aims to “restrict” a person’s comment so that it would only be visible to the person who made it, unless it gets approved to be posted.

Adam Mosseri, head of Instagram, said that they’ve been wanting to make their platform a safe environment and stopping bullies has been a priority to them.

With these additional steps, hopefully Instagram can indeed spread more positivity online.


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