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LOOK: New Fox-Like Cats Spotted in French Island

‘Cat-fox’ found on Corsica Island could be brand new species, scientists say

Fox-Like Cats Spotted in French Island

Meet the ‘cat-fox,’ a mysterious Cat Species in Corsica Island, France

This will definitely put a smile on feline lovers’ faces. Just recently, news has spread telling that a new species of fox-like cats have been spotted in the Island of Corsica in France.

Specifically, there have been 16 golden-striped cats found on this French island by the rangers from the National Hunting and Wildlife Office of France.

Cat-Fox at Night photo via ONCFS
Cat-Fox at Night photo via ONCFS

According to news, these gray-tailed felines had long prowled on the island, but it is just recently that officials determined that these animals may be extraordinary.


When it comes to their features, these possible new cat species are more humongous than a typical house cat. It is interesting to note that they feature ringed, large tails. Their canine teeth are described “highly-developed” too. Locally, they are known “char-renard” (or “cat-fox”) as they boast an appearance as with that of a fox. They also have silky hair and wide ears.

Cat-Fox via AFP Twitter
Cat-Fox via AFP Twitter

DNA-wise, it seems that the cats are close to the Felis silvestris silvestris species, or the European wildcat, according to the chief environmental technician of the NHWO, Pierre Benedetti. He went on to say that it is also close to the Felis silvestris lybica or the African forest cat. The exact identity of the cats, however, are yet to be determined.

“It is an extraordinary discovery,” added Benedetti.

These cats also hunt nocturnally. Moreover, scientists claim these cats might have originated in the Middle East or Africa long years from today.

It can be remembered that back in 2016, some cat foxes were already captured by rangers.

Fox-Like Cats Spotted in French Island
Fox-Like Cats Spotted in French Island

The agency is currently planning to capture, study, tag these cats in an effort to safeguard as well as recognize these animals in the long run.

In any case, this could be yet another breakthrough in Science. We will just wait for further studies to come to fruition so to fully understand the characteristics and origin of these species.

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