Woman With No Legs Not Allowed in BIR Office Because of Wearing Shorts

The guard on duty stopped her from entering because there supposedly was a new memorandum.

  • Nancy Boroc is a Person With Disability (PWD) who has no legs
  • During her trip to the Bureau of Internal Revenue office, she was barred from entering by a security guard because she was wearing shorts, which is the only type of clothing that she can comfortably wear
  • She posted this story in Facebook and in a YouTube video to spread awareness of other possible situations like hers

Persons With Disabilities, or PWD, in a way, helps give those people a chance of living a regular life. Special facilities are made to accommodate them and they are sometimes given special privileges depending on the situation, but it looks like there was one particular time that a person was not acknowledged for what she had.

Nancy Boroc is a PWD as she has no legs. She didn’t let herself down because of this, though, and instead she ran a vlog which she called “TheLittleTravelerNansi” with the intention of empowering other people like her.

woman with no legs was not allowed in the BIR office because of wearing shorts
Image credit: Thelittletravelernansi/Facebook

In a Facebook post, she said she went with a companion to the Bureau of Internal Revenue office to process her sister’s request. As she doesn’t have any legs, she can only wear shorts so she can still be comfortable.

At the entrance of the BIR office, she was halted by the guard on duty and was told that she cannot enter because she was wearing shorts, as per their new memorandum. She also mentioned that the guard had a rude tone in his voice when he was saying that even if she was wearing shoes, she still cannot enter because she was wearing shorts.

woman with no legs was not allowed in the BIR office because of wearing shorts
Nancy was not allowed to enter because she was wearing shorts, despite the fact that shorts are the only things that she can wear comfortably. Image credit: Nancy Torrelino Boroc/Facebook

It is a known policy for most offices that they have a dress code and that shorts, sandos, and sandals are not allowed.

The post went viral, and she uploaded a YouTube video to give her full story on what happened.

She also mentioned that she made the post not to shame the guard, but to spread awareness and that PWD has their own rights, privileges and exemptions. She also said that they were able to go to the BIR office before and the guard that met them allowed them to go inside, so it made them wonder why the guard in question stopped them.

As a follow-up to what happened, they were able to go back to the same office and had their request processed, and another guard apologized on behalf of the first guard’s behavior.


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