McDonald’s and their customers surprise over 30,000 delivery riders through its McDeliverBack program

McDonald's McDeliverBack program

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — A year into the lockdowns, delivery services have become a way of life. We rely especially on delivery riders to make our everyday lives easier.

It is in honoring and thanking these unsung heroes for their service that McDonald’s invited its customers to treat delivery riders to a FREE breakfast meal as a way to say thanks for braving the streets every day to keep Filipinos happily fed and safe indoors during the pandemic.

McDonald's McDeliverBack program
McDonald’s McDeliverBack program

Through McDonald’s McDeliverBack program, delivery riders who delivered a McDonald’s breakfast on March 16— from McDelivery, GrabFood, and foodpanda— were also treated to breakfast from McDonald’s. With the help of thousands of Filipinos who decided to McDeliverBack, over 30,000 delivery riders nationwide received the special treat of a free Cheesy Eggdesal meal with Minute Maid!

Watch the video on McDonald’s Facebook page and see how McDonald’s and its customers gave back to the everyday heroes of the pandemic.

Don’t forget to thank your riders the next time you have your McDonald’s favorites delivered! Download the McDo PH App at the App Store and Google Play or order via

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