8 Street Foods To Try In Taiwan

Best Street Food in Taiwan

Taiwanese Braised Pork Rice

Must-Try Taipei Street Foods

In Taiwan, snacks are of great significance; the philosophy is to eat often and eat well. The list of exquisite street food in Taipei is endless, especially if you visit the night markets’ food area. Whenever you think you finally found your favorite snack, there will always be another one surpassing it. Taiwanese snacks combine the delicacies of southern Fujian, Chaozhou, Japan, and most Asian flavors.

This form of fusion between the flavors creates a variety of delicious treats in Taiwan. If you ask the locals about the best snack on the island, you will probably have a long list. The following are some of the best Taiwanese street food that you should definitely try on your next visit to Taiwan.

Taiwanese Braised Pork Rice

Taiwanese Braised Pork Rice
Taiwanese Braised Pork Rice

A Taiwanese proverb says, “Where there is smoke in the kitchen, there is braised pork rice.”There are many kinds of food and snacks in Taiwan, but the most famous one is the braised pork rice.

The rice is fragranced, and the braised pork makes it juicy, plump, and a little crispy and topped with some pickled vegetables, serving all the unique flavors in a plate.

Beef Noodles: The Most Consumed Taiwanese Food

Beef Noodles Taiwan
Beef Noodles Taiwan

Taiwanese beef noodles are amongst the most preferred noodles in Taiwan, having stalls all over Taiwan’s busy streets. Taipei, known as the “Beef Noodle City,” hosts a grand “Taipei International Beef Noodle Festival” every year.

Whether it is the world’s most expensive beef noodles in the Niu Dad restaurant in Taiwan, or in the small restaurants you stumble upon, you can find the best beef noodles anywhere in Taiwan.

The Most Famous Snack On Taiwan Island: Oyster Fried

Oyster Fried
Oyster Fried

Oyster fried is one of the most famous snacks in Taiwan. Making this dish and the flavors added are slightly different than those added in other regions. Scrambled eggs are the perfect partner for baby oysters and are served with fried oysters in almost all the street food stalls.

In 2007, “Foresight” magazine conducted a public opinion survey involving 1,000 Taiwanese locals, and oyster fried was named the best representative of Taiwanese street food.

A Better Drink Than Beer: Bubble Tea

Bubble Tea
Bubble Tea

Pearl milk tea, also known as Boba milk tea, or Zhen milk shot, is a beverage that has recently become very popular in Taiwan.

Pearl milk tea is a kind of “bubble black tea” Bubble milk tea representing the “QQ” texture food that the Taiwanese love especially preferred by the youth.

The term “QQ” is used to describe those very chewy foods, and the “pearl” made from tapioca flour in bubble milk tea is one of them.

Danzai Noodle

Danzai Noodle by Wpcpey via Wikipedia CC
Danzai Noodle By Wpcpey – Own work, CC BY 4.0,  CC

Danzai Noodle is a snack that originated in the Tainan area; its also known as Ta-a noodles. The authentic Danzai noodles are made by boiling the soup with fresh shrimp, adding bean sprouts, coriander, minced pork, and fresh shrimp.

It has a history of over 100 years in Tainan, Taiwan. This noodle dish is popular among the locals for its non-greasy sweet shrimp flavored soup served with tender minced pork.

Taiwanese Snacks Fried Bun- Sheng jian bao

Sheng jian bao by Brian Harrington Spier via Wikipedia CC
Sheng jian bao By Brian Harrington Spier – Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0,  CC

If you like fluffy cakes or the crispy potato chips, then the pan-fried buns serve you with both. Shengjianbao is made from the soft fried bottom of steamed buns.

After cutting it, the inside is filled with the spiced soft pork. The finished product is white, soft, and fluffy. The meat filling is fresh and tender, with a spiced marinade in it, and the fragrance of sesame and green onions add more to the flavor.

Compared with Shanghai’s Shengjianbao, Taiwan’s Shengjianbao has two differences, it is larger in size, and the pan is inverted when frying.

Traditional Pineapple Cakes From Taiwan’s Warm Hills

Pineapple Cakes Taiwan
Pineapple Cakes Taiwan

Taiwan’s pineapple cake is the most popular and preferred dessert by the locals, and it is a souvenir that everyone should try at least once when visiting Taiwan.

The pineapple filling is sweet but not greasy. If you want to buy the best pineapple cakes, you can try LeeChi Pineapple Cake as the fillings are only made with the raw pineapple.

Taiwanese Snack Meatballs

Taiwanese Snack Meatballs by IcyNeko via Wikipedia CC
Taiwanese Snack Meatballs By IcyNeko at en.wikipedia, CC BY 3.0, CC

Meatball is a special Taiwanese snack, very similar to dumplings. Its name derives from its appearance as it is shaped in small reddish rounds. It is made of sweet potato powder, cornstarch, minced meat, local spices, and sauces for marination.

The meatball is wrapped in marinated minced pork. In addition to the most common round shape, there is also a triangular Beidou meatball.

It is said that it is the earliest meatball, but it is not as popular as the round shape. Later, it was modified by adding pork, vegetables, and other ingredients and topping it with gravy.

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