No Homework Bill For Students Filed By Two Lawmakers

One bill seeks to ban issuing of homework during weekends, while the other wants to ban homework altogether.

  • Two bills were filed by lawmakers regarding students and the homework that will be given to them.
  • One bill seeks to ban issuing of homework for the weekend, while the other wants to ban issuing of homework altogether and wants to limit school activities within the school only
  • A bill similar to the one that wants to ban homework during the weekend has been filed in the senate by Senator Grace Poe, while there are teachers and parents who are against the ban of issuing homework to students

Manila, Philippines – It is important for students to properly “digest” all the knowledge that teachers are giving them when they go to school. Discussions everyday, pop quizzes, and exams will test the children’s knowledge to see if they did learn anything. With that, homework can also be assigned to them so that they can continue studying even when they are at home.

Two lawmakers in the Philippines have filed bills that is related to how homework is given by teachers to students.

no homework bill filed by lawmakers
Bills have been filed by lawmakers to restrict issuing homework to students

Quezon City Representative Alfred Vargas has filed House Bill No. 3883, which proposes that homework should not be given to students during weekends. He also cited a recent study in South Africa that says homework can become more work for both student and parents, and may lead to students being demotivated to study hard.

Sorsogon First District Representative Evelina Escudero seeks for a ban of homework as well, but in her House Bill No. 3611, she wants to ban the issuing of homework. She also wants to have all school activities to be done inside school grounds as well.

Escudero has proposed this as she sees that students loses much of their own time doing homework instead of doing other non-academic activities. She also noted that students would need to bring heavy bags full of books which can possibly lead to issues with their back or fatigue in carrying them and she proposes lockers for students so they can leave their books at school.

no homework bill filed by lawmakers
One bill wants to ban issuing homework altogether to all students.

Senator Grace Poe has also filed a bill of her own. With the Senate Bill No. 966, she also wants to restrict the giving assignments to students during weekends, and if it becomes inevitable, it should be the kind that can be done in less than four hours. Her bill, if it is passed into law, will be applied to Kinder level up to Grade 12, for both public and private schools.

Teachers and parents have reacted to Rep. Escudero’s proposed bill, saying that issuing of assignments is needed so that students can enhance their knowledge further in the subject that they are studying.


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