Push Cart Library By a Principal Used to Teach Kids How to Read

This is to help kids that cannot attend school to still learn how to read

  • Some kids in Sorsogon are unable to go to school and are unable to read
  • Principal Ryan Homan decided to help them by using push carts full of books and bringing those to the kids
  • Principal Homan also established other reading activities for the children to enjoy

Sorsogon, Philippines – Being able to read is a very important thing to learn. It can be taken for granted by those that were able to go to school, but there are some that are not even able to get into one, and hence cannot know how to. This is the same sentiment that a principal has in Sorsogon.

Ryan Homan is the school principal of Gimagaan Elementary School in Dansol, Sorsogon. He only started in his position last January and is looking into ways that he can help educate the kids in his area further.

push cart library helps teach kids how to read in sorsogon
Principal Ryan Homan (left) helps a child learn how to read. Image credit: ABS-CBN News/YouTube

He later found out that there are some kids that are unable to read which led them to not even try to go to school. With that in mind, he devised a program where he can bring the learning to them instead.

Called “Kostal Basa,” he created a “push cart library” and he would bring these carts full of books in places like basketball courts where the kids would usually be found, and he’d encourage them to pick up a book and try to read. Teachers and students that were called “Batang Maestro” and “Batang Maestra” are volunteers who would assist Principal Homan with teaching the children.

Principal Homan’s goal is to make sure that kids are able to read properly before they reach high school.

Not only that, there are also other programs in the school that encourages reading: “Drop Everything and Read” is a small program which has the students read books in designated “reading corners” for an hour, and they also have a “Little Free Library,” which are small kiosks where kids can get books for them to read.

push cart library helps teach kids how to read in sorsogon
Principal Homan and his Kostal Basa push cart full of books. Image credit: ABS-CBN News/YouTube

The push cart library is a great step forward in fighting illiteracy, and hopefully this kind of act can be picked up by other people as well.


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