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The Philippine Flag Changed Into a Samurai Warrior for Tokyo 2020 Olympics

The Philippine Flag and other countries’ national flags, were given a character makeover for Tokyo 2020 Olympics

  • The next Summer OIympics will be held in Tokyo in 2020
  • World Flags personified the flags of participants of the event
  • The Philippine flag is also included, with the character named “Rizal”

With the Tokyo Summer Olympics coming up next year in 2020, Japan has been showing that they are getting ready for it. They have initially started with having certain anime characters as “ambassadors” but they are not stopping there.

Recently, World Flags opened their site to introduce the flags of each country but they did so by personifying each flag into a male character and giving them their own profiles.

What caught everyone’s attention is that the Philippine flag is included. In a Tweet that was sent from World Flags’ account, they showed the character and they gave a caption, which translated, would mean, “Philippines makes his appearance today! The warrior who summons the sun! Philippines is part of ASEAN! He is ‘Rizal!'”

Philippine flag as a samurai warrior
Screenshot of the World Flags Tweet introducing “Rizal”

The character was given the name “Rizal,” named after the Philippines’ national hero, Dr. Jose Rizal. When you visit the Philippine flag’s profile in the World Flags website, there is a full body art of “Rizal” with the caption, “Kung sino ang tahimik, siya ang mapanganib (He who is quiet, is more dangerous).” His armor was given the name “MAHARURIKA,” which in a way can be the Japanese pronunciation for the word “Maharlika,” which is a Filipino word used to describe a man of nobility and class.

Philippine flag as a samurai Warrior
Full image of “Rizal” taken from World Flag’s website

“Rizal” is given what appears to be a flinklock rifle which he holds in one hand and he has a fan that has a fireball floating above it. He also has a sword which is sheathed at his waist part. His armor is colored in red, white, and blue, and accented with stars and the sun in the middle, showing off the symbols of the Philippine flag. The rest of the page gives a brief history of the Philippines and when the current Philippine flag was introduced.

You can view the flag along with other flags by going to the World Flags website.

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Written by Drew Tetangco

An anime lover and an avid toy collector. He transforms into a wordsmith by night.

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