Ultimate Guide in Applying for a Driver’s License in the Philippines

Ultimate Guide in Applying for a Driver’s License in the Philippines image via Carmudi PH

How do I get a driver’s license in the Philippines?

There are a handful of benefits when you drive your own car, especially when you are living in the metro. One of the perks is that you can always go to a certain place at any time of the day.

If you are among those who wish to get their LTO driver’s license, here is an ultimate guide you may want to read before you head on over to an LTO near your place.

Ultimate Guide in Applying for a Driver’s License in the Philippines image via Carmudi PH
Ultimate Guide in Applying for a Driver’s License in the Philippines image via Carmudi PH

Different Types of LTO Driver’s License

There are types of LTO driver’s license, which include:

  1. Student Driver Permit – This allows individuals ages 17 and over to drive their own car as long as they are accompanied by a licensed driver. Apply for this type if it is your first time to apply for a driver’s license.
  2. Non-professional Driver’s License – If you are in the age of majority and you wish to drive a car for personal or private use, then you have to apply for this type of license.
  3. Professional Driver’s License – Apply for this type of driver’s license should you wish to drive a car as a means of livelihood.

Requirements and Qualifications – Non-Professional LTO Driver’s License

To apply for this type of license, you need to:

  • Be 18 years old and above;
  • Be physically as well as mentally fit to drive a motor vehicle;
  • Be literate both in Filipino and English languages;
  • Possess a valid Student Permit for more than three years prior to your application.

Here are the requirements:

  • Student’s Permit issued more than 30 days before you apply for this type of license (you need to fork out P320 for this)
  • Medical Certificate (for this requirement, you need to prepare about P350 to P500)
  • You also need to fill in the Application Form for Driver’s License (ADL)

In the meantime, here is what you need to know with regard to fees for applying in this particular type of license:

  • Computer Fee – P68
  • Application Fee – P100
  • Car Rental Fee for the Driving Test – P250
  • License Fee – P585
Land Transportation Office
Land Transportation Office

The Process of Driver’s License Application

Follow the steps below to get your non-professional driver’s license:

  1. Head to an LTO licensing center near your area.
  2. Provide the requirements to a staff.
  3. You have to wait for your name to be called after the evaluation of your submitted documents.
  4. Have your photo as well as signature taken.
  5. Go to the cashier to pay the necessary fees. Do not forget to get your Official Receipt.
  6. You will be having the Basic Driving Theory Test. You can immediately know the results after the exam.
  7. It’s now time to take your practical driving exam, so you better prepare for it.
  8. When done with the practical exam, you can now get your license together with the Official Receipt.

When failed, though, it is a necessity to wait for a month before re-taking the exams. However, if you failed in any of the driving examinations two times in a period of one year, then you need to wait for one year from the date of your last examination before taking another set of exams.

If, for the third time, you still didn’t make it, then you need another two years from the latest exam before you are allowed to re-take the exams.

Oh, here are additional tips you have to keep in mind for a hassle-free application:

  • You have to wear a collared shirt, closed shoes, and pants
  • Go the nearest LTO early
  • Bring your snacks and water as you will expect to go through a long queue
  • Of course, you need to review for the written exam. Familiarize yourself with the following topics: road signs and markings, parking rules and restrictions, road positioning, and more.

There you have it: some tips on how to get your LTO Driver’s License. With these tips, it is expected that you will go through a smooth, successful application. Good luck!

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