Mandatory Drug Tests for Driver’s License Renewal is Being Reconsidered

President Rodrigo Duterte is looking into implementing this again as part of their “War on Drugs” campaign.

  • Republic Act No. 10586, or also known as the “Anti Drunk and Drugged Driving Act of 2013) made it mandatory for those that are applying for a driver’s license or those that need their license renewed to have a drug test
  • The mandatory drug test was soon abolished as it became a source of corruption
  • President Duterte is now planning on having the mandatory drug tests implemented once again as part of their “War on Drugs” campaign

Manila, Philippines – Getting a driver’s license in the Philippines is, in a way, like a rite of passage for any Filipino that aims to have the means of driving a car. It’s treated like a person’s “coming of age” as anyone that reaches legal age plans on getting a license as soon as possible.

A few years back, Republic Act No. 10586, or simply known as the “Anti Drunk and Drugged Driving Act of 2013, was implemented. What this meant was that for anyone that plans on getting a driver’s license, or needs to renew it, mandatory drug tests would be needed. It was well at first, but it was then discovered that it became a source of corruption, hence the act was abolished.

mandatory drug test to be implemented again when applying for driver's license
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Recently, though, President Rodrigo Duterte is planning on implementing the drug tests again. From an article written in the website, Land Transportation Office Chief Assistant Secretary Edgar Galvante said that the President personally requested that LTO see if it is possible to implement the tests again as part of his “War on Drugs” campaign. It was also mentioned that a traffic accident in South Cotabato that claimed the lives of 21 individuals and injured 14 others may be another reason for this decision.

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This announcement was made during the Safer Mobility & Logistics Conference & Exhibition at Solaire, Manila, held last September 24 and 25, 2019.

If implemented once again, a person that will either apply for a driver’s license or is going to renew theirs will need to go to an LTO-authorized drug testing center. If the applicant fails their first test, there will be another test for confirmation. If the applicant fails yet again, LTO will then need to take the appropriate action after.

The tests were abolished before due to corruption, but hopefully with the current administration, everything can go smoothly this time.


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