Who Is Dany From Sexbomb?

Avidan performing with Skyhill at The Bitter End in 2008

In today’s world of YouTube, Spotify, etc. where personalities, music, and entertainment collide, you may have heard of someone called Dany Sexbomb. Let’s get into who this person is, and why they are someone worth following.

Avidan performing with Skyhill at The Bitter End in 2008
Avidan performing with Skyhill at The Bitter End in 2008


First of all, it’s important to know that Dany Sexbomb is Dan Avidan from the popular outer space-based synthpop group called Starbomb. This group consists of Arin Hanson of Egoraptor, Dan Avidan, and Brian Wecht. The purpose and mission of Starbomb are to create funny musical jams and raps about pop culture. This pop-culture focus is geared toward the video game industry primarily. While the songs are zany, funny, and a little out there at times, they strive to make good music, and it does sound pretty good!

The Dany Sexbomb bio area on the Starbomb website gives you some interesting nuggets about Dan Avidan and his friends that you may not know. Some of these facts include that Arin Hanson, which is known as Egoraptor, plays a character who is snarky, lovable, and is interestingly enough an intergalactic patrolman who uses his rapping of a sonic nature to stop space crime in its tracks. Much like a superhero, his job is to take down the baddies of the galaxy with one sick rap line after another.

Dan Avidan photo by AdrienneMonet via Wikipedia
Dan Avidan photo by AdrienneMonet via Wikipedia

When he isn’t saving the galaxy from crime as Egoraptor, Erin loves to play games on this planet – primarily Mega Man or Bloodborne.

Dan Avidan on the other hand is a tall, slender musician who does the singing and occasional rapping for the Starbomb group. You really can’t miss him on the videos or on stage as he wears an electric blue suit and has a long mane of hair that flows in the solar winds. His vocals are very unique and memorable, with many people commenting on how buttery smooth they sound. From his bio, you can learn that he takes a lot of inspiration from his musical idols David Bowie, and Max Rebo from Starwars to create a truly unique musical experience.

Dan is also a Youtube personality on the series known as Game Grumps. With over 5.3 million subscribers, this channel produces animated videos as well as shows personalities playing games of all types. When he isn’t working on Game Grumps, Dan is busy as the co-host of Ninja Sex Party, where he sings under the stage name of Danny Sexbang and performs the lead vocals.

He’s also played many different festivals including Dragon Con, SXSW, and the LA Comedy Shorts Film Festival.

As you can see, Dan Avidan is a pretty busy person with a bunch of past and current projects to bolster his reputation as being a musician, YouTube personality, and overall entertainer. If you aren’t a current subscriber of the different projects that Dan is affiliated with, do yourself a favor and listen to some sick beats while also putting a smile on your face by checking out the YouTube channels Dan is corroborating on. Your ears and ear-to-ear smile will appreciate it.

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