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Ahron Villena Confirmed His Sexuality; Actor Seen with Rumored Boyfriend

Actor Ahron Villena Finally Breaks Silence About Gay Rumors

Ahron Villena photo via Facebook

Ahron Villena: Is He Gay or Not?

The Filipino actor-model Roche Ahron Vilena aka Ahron Villena is yet in another controversy after his controversy with comedienne Kakai Bautista. Rumors that he’s gay which started last 2014 are starting to spread like wildfire again.

Roche Ahron Villena photo via Twitter
Roche Ahron Villena photo via Twitter

Ahron Villena answers the Blind Item

In 2014, entertainment writer Ogie Diaz revealed in a blind item that there’s an actor hiding his gay identity. This actor used to date a ramp model that he met at a party. However, the said actor has not confirmed his gender orientation or preference.

A lot of people think that the reason why Ahron “friendzoned” Bautista is because of his gender preference. The two were rumored to be exclusively dating when they shared some snaps together.

Roche Ahron Villena photo via Instagram
Roche Ahron Villena photo via Instagram

Vacation with Rumored Boyfriend

Early this year, Villena spent the holidays in Europe. Although everyone thought that he is on a solo trip, KAMI revealed that he is enjoying the trip with his rumored boyfriend.

Villena posted photos of himself during his trip. Even if the photos were just of himself, it was later revealed that he’s with a friend named Kris. Kris’ Instagram account is filled with photos from the same place where Villena went.

Ahron Villena photo via Facebook
Ahron Villena photo via Facebook

Confirming His Preference

The actor is now taking a lighter approach with the unending gay rumors being thrown at him. When he spoke to PEP recently, he confirmed that the days of letting himself be affected by the false accusations is long due. He’s simply laughing it off.

“Natatawa na lang ako, sa totoo lang,” he declared. “Sabi ko nga, alam ko kung ano ako, alam ko sa sarili ko kung ano ako, so bahala kayo kung ano ang iisipin ninyo.”The actor has a larger perspective about the rumors since he’s a celebrity.

“Basta ako, alam ko, confident ako sa sarili ko na ‘yung mga gender-gender na inaano nila, hindi naman natin maiiwasan,” he said.

“Kasi alam mo naman sa industry natin, lahat, gagawan at gagawan nila. Ako, hindi ko na lang pinapansin ang mga ganyan. As long as you know who you are, alam mo sa sarili mo na wala ka namang natatapakan, bahala silang mag-isip, bahala kayo,” he ended.

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Written by Markus Castro

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