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Apple to Give Third-Party Repair Centers Access to Authorized Parts for iPhone

This is in an effort by Apple to meet the ever-growing customer needs when it comes to repairs.

  • It has been known that there are different opinions regarding iPhone repair from authorized Apple stores and third-party repair shops
  • Apple is opening a new repair program for iPhones that are out of warranty
  • This opens an opportunity as well for third-party repair shops to gain access to genuine parts when the provide repair service to their customers

iPhones are very popular for being powerful gadgets with fast processing speeds and great cameras. They are also very expensive and when it stops working, you would want to have it repaired.

There have been issues regarding iPhone repairs. Numerous stories have been told that if you are to get your phone checked at an authorized Apple store, they would charge you with a huge amount for the repair, or worse, they won’t even fix the phone.

Apple opens new repair program to include independent repair providers
Stories have been told regarding how iPhone repair can be very expensive and can only be done at authorized Apple service centers

There are third-party repair shops that can fix an iPhone for a fraction of the price, but there have been a few issues with that as well, specially with the newer phones being harder to open and repair. There have been also rumors that if the phone’s software detects a non-genuine Apple part was used to repair it, it won’t work properly.

Apple opens new repair program to include independent repair providers
Apple opened a program where independent centers can sign up and get genuine Apple parts

From an article by Arstechnica, Apple is now looking into changing their policy regarding repair, specially for those that are out of warranty. They are launching a new repair program and repair shops can apply for it for free. Certain requirements must be met still, like being a certified Apple technician (which can be done for free as well) and once a repair shop is qualified, they’ll have access to all genuine parts, tools, and other resources that they can use.

Singing up to Apple’s new repair program is free, as well as getting a certification from them

Jeff Williams, Apple’s chief operating officer, has said that they wish to give iPhone owners a peace of mind when the need to have their device fixed arises, and that the safest way is to use genuine Apple parts. For the independent repair centers, they also want to have them get easy access to all the resources that their own Authorized Apple Service Providers use.

This appears to be a big step by Apple in order to get iPhone users to have an easier access to repair options and that the pilot of the program has been successful with 20 stores in North America, Asia, and Europe.


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