Maid of Honor Shows Up in a T-Rex Suit After Bride Says She Can Wear Anything

The bride said she can wear anything to her wedding.

  • Deanna Adams has asked everyone to wear anything that they want for her wedding, to make sure that they will be comfortable
  • Her sister Christina was Maid of Honor and had joked that she always wanted to wear a T-Rex costume, and on the wedding day itself, she did wear one
  • Pictures and a video of her wearing the T-Rex costume went viral after it was posted on social media

When you are invited to a wedding, they usually give a theme on what you would need to wear. What comes to mind immediately would be formal attire, with a long-sleeved buttoned shirt, pants and leather shoes for men, and dresses for women. There may be times though that the person may become uncomfortable since they have to wear it for the whole day, so a bride-to-be in America decided to have those that will attend her wedding wear anything that they want. Little did she know that of all people, her Maid of Honor had something different in mind.

Christina Meador was Maid of Honor for her sister’s wedding and then she was told that, since her sister knows that she is not fond of formal dresses, she can wear anything that she wants.

maid of honor wore a t-rex costume for her sister's wedding
Christina Meador decided to wear a T-Rex costume for her sister’s wedding after being told that she can “wear anything that she wants.”

In an article by The Daily Mail, it said that she joked about it with her sister, saying that she wanted to wear a T-Rex costume and that she’s always wanted to try it. In the following months before the wedding, she would say other things that she wants to wear, but the T-Rex idea always stayed in her mind.

The T-Rex costume became popular online after the movie Jurassic World was shown, and is usually worn by people while doing either ordinary things, or to just give a good laugh.

The T-Rex costume has been popular with viral videos for quite some time.

Christina has meant to give the costume as a gift to her sister and that she would be wearing an inexpensive dress, but on the day of the wedding itself, she said she can’t fit into it anymore, and told Deanna that she will wear the costume instead.

maid of honor wore a t-rex costume for her sister's wedding
Christina’s picture while wearing the T-Rex costume became viral after she posted it on social media.

Deanna took her up for it, with Christina trying to change her mind, but in the end, the Maid of Honor came out wearing the T-Rex costume during the wedding ceremony.

Once the ceremony was over, she quickly took it off as it was “very hot,” and she was wearing her dress underneath it.

maid of honor wore a t-rex costume for her sister's wedding
Christina took off the costume once the ceremony was done because it was “very hot.”

She posted a picture of the wedding in Facebook, while she was wearing her T-Rex costume, and it quickly became viral, garnering over 34,000 shares and 17,000 comments.

Congratulations to the newlyweds, and it was nice to see the bride being a very good sport with what her Maid of Honor did.


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