Here’s How to Receive the Php5,000 Financial Assistance From DOLE

How to Receive the Php 5,000 Financial Assistance From DOLE

How to avail of DOLE’s Php 5,000 financial assistance program

The Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) has recently released the Department Order No. 209 Series of 2020 that discusses the COVID-19 Adjustment Measures Program (CAMP). This policy is offering financial support to those workers from private firms who were affected by the recent crisis due to the spread of the coronavirus and who have adopted Flexible Work Arrangements (FWAs).

These workers include those that do not receive or with a reduced regular wage. Moreover, the coverage includes those workers who were temporarily suspended from work because of the temporary shutting down of their companies’ business operations.

It is important to note, though, that companies of these said workers should be the ones who will be responsible for the submission of the requirements (not the employees).

How to Receive the Php 5,000 Financial Assistance From DOLE
How to Receive the Php 5,000 Financial Assistance From DOLE

How to Get the Php 5,000 Financial Assistance

Here are the steps that should be followed:

  1. Companies should submit these requirements:
  • An Establishment Report on the COVID-19, as stipulated under the Labor Advisory No. 9 Series of 2020
  • The payroll of the companies for the month prior to implementing the temporary closure of FWAs
  1. Companies should submit their application via the email of the DOLE or DOLE Regional Office along with field/provincial offices.
  2. Companies have to wait for three working days for the evaluation of the application.
  3. Once approved, DOLE is going to send an email to companies.

Note that upon the receipt of the Notice of Approval from the DOLE, employees should be able to receive one-time financial assistance worth Php 5,000 lump-sum and non-conditional. This is regardless of the status of the employee. The financial assistance will be sent to the payroll account of the beneficiary via bank transfer within two weeks.

In any case, this assistance from the DOLE is indeed a big help for workers, especially in these times of crisis.

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