How to Get a Solo Parent ID: Requirements and Process

Process of getting a Solo Parent ID

Solo Parent

How to Get a Solo Parent ID: Everything You Need to Know

Manila, Philippines — It cannot be denied that in this day and age, the number of solo parents in the Philippines has increased. Whatever the reasons for being a solo parent, what is good to note is that the government recognizes their plight.

Solo Parent
Solo Parent

One form of support for these parents is that they can get a Solo Parent ID. A parent with such ID will be given certain government benefits and discounts.

Are you eligible? Quick Guide to Getting a Solo Parent ID

There is a law in the Philippines, the Republic Act. No. 8972, that covers the rights of solo parents in the country. This law, which is otherwise known as Solo Parents’ Welfare Act of 2000, defines solo parents as:

  • A parent that gave birth as a result of crimes, such as rape. This is even without the final conviction of the offender. The condition, however, is that the woman should be the one keeping and raising the child.
  • A parent left alone with the responsibility of parenthood because a few reasons, which include the following: death of spouse; legal separation for at least one year; mental or physical incapacity of spouse; the spouse is detained or is serving sentence for a particular criminal conviction; declaration of annulment of marriage as long as they are given the custody of the child.
  • Any parent who gives support and parent care to a child
  • An unmarried parent who has chosen to keep their child instead of giving them to a welfare institution or to other people
  • A family member who assumes as the head of the family due to disappearance and abandonment of their parents.

Steps in Applying for a Solo Parent ID

Prior to applying for a Solo Paret ID, here are the documents you have to prepare:

  • Barangay Certificate — You have to reside in your barangay for the last six months to be eligible. In order to get a certificate, you have to show a valid government ID showing off your home address along with cash.

  • Proof of financial status — You have to either show an Income Tax Return (ITR) from the BIR or from your Human Resource Department. If you are a home-based employee, then you have to show a document that will prove that you receive an income.

  • Supporting documents/certificates — You have to show documents, such as a declaration of nullity of marriage, medical certificates, or spouse’s death certificate to prove that you are a solo parent.

  • Birth certificate of your child

  • Solo Parent ID application form — You may get a copy online or from the social welfare and development office of your province or city.

How to get a Solo Parent ID
How to get a Solo Parent ID

The Process

When all the required documents are ready, it is now time to head on over to the social welfare and development office. You have to submit the documents to the social worker so they can verify and assess them. With regard to how long you can receive your ID, you have to wait for up to 30 days. It is important to note that it is absolutely free to apply for the said Solo Parent ID.

For more information, please contact the DSWD Tel. No. : (02) 931-81-01 Local : 127, 128; 951-71-22; Tel/Fax : 931-80-85.

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