Like Button for Facebook Embedded in Websites Transfer User Data, EU Court Warns People of It

This is after an EU court rules on a case brought about by a German protection agency

  • Most consumer websites now have buttons that is connected to social media sites, including Facebook’s
  • An EU court ruled that consumer websites must now give a warning that users that will click the Like button on their site will also send their information to Facebook
  • This is after the European Court of Justice made a ruling on a case filed by a German protection agency against a retailer website

Facebook is almost always in the news, one way or another. Quite recently, they’ve had issues regarding privacy issues, both in the data that users send in their site, and with another thing regarding their Messenger Kids app, where kids can get into group chats and speak with other users that are unauthorized by their parents.

European high court warns of clicking on a Facebook Like button that is embedded in websites
User data is being transferred when you click on a Facebook Like button that is embedded in a website.

Facebook once again is hit with another issue involving privacy and information, and this time, it involves their “Like” button.

From an article by GMA News, the issue came about when a case was brought to court by a German privacy agency, and it was against a certain online clothes store. The said store’s website had a Facebook button set in it to encourage site visitors to advertise their stuff.

The case escalated and it reached the European Court of Justice, which is the highest court in the European Union. It was them that ruled that sites that embed Facebook’s button in them also sends user information to the social media platform.

Because of this, all site visitors must be warned of what will happen before clicking buttons that are embedded in them.

European high court warns of clicking on a Facebook Like button that is embedded in websites
Flag of the European Union.

With this as well, it affects all sites that embed buttons in them, from small blogs to large corporations.

Privacy and data protection is very important and in the European Union, the General Data Protection Regulation was created with this in mind. You will be sure that members of the EU will police data transfer and privacy issues further because of cases similar to this.

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