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Gardenia Gives a Statement Regarding Viral Video

The company assures the public that they prioritize quality and safety of both their products and the people who buy them.

  • Gardenia is a bread company that is currently based in the Philippines, famous for selling their bread that they say is so good, you don’t need any filling
  • A video went viral that involved an employee that delivers their bread and showed that he was opening the bread packages, gets a few slices, seals them again, and places them back in their racks
  • Gardenia has given a public statement regarding this through their Facebook page

Manila, Philippines – Breakfast, as they say, is the most important meal of the day. For a nice breakfast, Filipino families usually enjoy them with rice, but there are some that would prefer making a sandwich as it is faster. There are numerous brands that sell ready-made bread, and Gardenia is one of them.

Gardenia Philippines Logo

Gardenia was first founded in Singapore, but they are currently based in the Philippines. They are famous for selling sliced bread which they say is so good you won’t need any filling to go with it.

A video that went viral and was reposted numerous times involved the said bread company. It showed what appears to be one of their employees that is tasked to deliver the bread to stores, was standing just outside their delivery van. He was seen opening the bread packages and it looks like he was taking a few slices from each, seals them back up, and puts them in the racks again. He did this a few more times, even after a passerby saw him do it.

Man in viral video that appears to be tampering with the bread products

Netizens who saw the video all became concerned for the quality and safety of the bread that they buy, and a few days after the video went viral, Gardenia Philippines gave a statement through their Facebook page.

Image credit: Gardenia Philippines/Facebook

In a follow-up article posted by ABS-CBN, it was mentioned that after investigation, the man was taking slices from stocks that were not sold and were to be brought back for disposal.

The company’s policy is that they are to bring fresh bread stock everyday and they are to pull out those that have not sold, which is to be disposed of afterwards.

The person in the video was said to be undergoing “administrative due process.”


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