Mother Scolds Son For Wasting His Food Money, Only to Find He is Saving It For an Eye Checkup

The kid was already thinking ahead of what will happen to his future since he lost sight in one eye

  • Crisalyn Moreno has been wondering where her son was spending his money as he appears to not be buying the food that they have at school
  • Her son then said he was saving all of the money that she was giving him all this time
  • His reason for saving the money was so that he can get enough to be able to get an eye checkup

Masbate, Philippines – When parents have their children go to school, they would give them “baon” (allowance) or something that they can eat while at school. In some cases, they would give them money instead so that the child can buy the food from the school itself, and at the same time, teach them the importance of money and how to become thrifty.

Crisalyn Moreno appears to have the same idea when she would give her son P10 every day for him to use to buy soup at school. She then noticed that there were times that he would come home and his cup that is used for the soup appears to not be used, so she thought that he was using the money to buy something unnecessary.

mom scolds son for spending money only to find he is saving for an eye checkup
Crisalyn talks to her child regarding where the money that she gives him is going. Image credit: Crisalyn Moreno/Facebook

In a viral video that was posted on Facebook, she took a video of when she spoke to her son regarding where his money went. The kid was very respectful and he truthfully said that there were cases that he doesn’t buy soup at school.

When he was asked where the money goes, he said he had it hidden, and he took it out to show his mother.

mom scolds son for spending money only to find he is saving for an eye checkup
Her son then shows her a small bag where he kept all of his money. Image credit: Crisalyn Moreno/Facebook

When he was asked why he was saving the money, his simple response was that he wants to use use it for an eye checkup. Apparently one of the child’s eyes is blind.

The kid was able to save up to around P75 in exchange for not buying the soup at school. Based on Crisalyn’s post, he has already been asking if he can get a job when he grows up while one of his eyes is blind, and he was being bullied because of it as well.

mom scolds son for spending money only to find he is saving for an eye checkup
As they were counting the money, the kid said he wants to use it to get an eye checkup. Image credit: Crisalyn Moreno/Facebook

The video went viral with over 2,000 shares and based on updates on Crisalyn’s other posts, there were people that reached out to her to provide assistance, both financially and in regards to getting her son’s eyes checked.

Good deeds will not go unrewarded, and hopefully good things will come to your son after this.

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