Mango Madness: The Fruit that Fights Cancer, Burns Fat, Lowers Cholesterol, and More

The sweet tropical fruit is a favorite of most, but it provides more benefits than what most people would think

The health benefits of eating mango

  • Mangoes are fruits that is commonly found in tropical countries like the Philippines
  • Mangoes are nutritious and known to be a good source of vitamin A and vitamin C
  • Eating mangoes have great health benefits including weight loss promotion and it can also fight cancer.

The sweet mango is the fruit that a lot of people enjoy eating. Some would turn it into a smoothie, while others would use it for a dessert dish like a mango float. With its yellow color and sweet taste, there are benefits in eating mangoes.

the mango helps fight cancer
A row of ripe mangoes

Some of the Mango Health benefits include:

  • Good for your eyes: Mangoes are a good source of vitamin A, which in turn is known to help a person’s eyesight.
  • Rich in fiber: Fiber helps the digestive system greatly and is known to “clean” the intestines. The soluble fiber in mangoes also helps with reducing cholesterol levels
  • Weight loss: Not only does mangoes help with a body’s metabolic disorders, but it also helps the pancreas. People with diabetes can benefit greatly from consuming mangoes.
eating a mango is healthy for you
Sliced up mangoes, ready to serve
  • Helps fight memory loss: Glutamine acid is found in mangoes, which greatly helps with nourishing the brain
  • Boosts the immune system: You can not just get vitamin A from mangoes, but also vitamin C, which helps prevent the body from catching colds and flu
  • As an aphrodisiac: Mangoes have been studied to help with sperm production and increase the sex drive for both men and women. Arginine, a type of amino acid, also helps prevent erectile dysfunction.
  • As an antioxidant: Mangoes have mangiferin, which helps in promoting healthy cell growth
  • Helps fight cancer: A study made by Texas A&M University has found that mangoes can help fight breast cancer and prevent new cancer cells from forming.
mango helps fight cancer
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Mangoes not only taste great but they are really good for the body. Regardless of how you consume them, you’ll know you’ll be a bit healthier with each bite.

health benefits of eating mango
health benefits of eating mango

Can People with Diabetes eat Mango Fruit?

According to National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases (NIDDK), Mango fruit is healthy to eat for people with Diabetes but keep in mind that they should always eat a balanced diet and they should always maintain a healthy weight.

Mangoes is considered as one of the fruits with a high amount of sugar but it can be part of a healthy diet if consumed in moderate amounts.

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