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Manoy is Dead: Eddie Garcia Has Passed Away, Aged 90

The veteran actor succumed to his ailment and has passed away Thursday afternoon.

  • Veteran actor Eddie Garcia was still active with acting in TV and certain movie roles
  • Eddie Garcia suffered a neck injury and fell into a coma following an accident during taping
  • He has succumbed to his coma and passed away Thursday afternoon

Manila, Philippines – Eduardo Verchez Garcia, popularly known as Eddie Garcia, or with his nickname, “Manoy,” has passed away this afternoon, June 20, 2019. He was 90 years old.

This was following the accident that happened during taping for one of the TV shows that he was part of on June 8, 2019. He was rushed to a hospital, and was transferred later on to the intensive care unit at the Makati Medical Center.

It was falsely reported that he suffered from a heart attack and then it was reported that he fell into a coma due to a neck injury that he got when he fell.

eddie garcia has passed away
Eddie Garcia during a press conference for one of his movies ML (Martial Law). Image credit:

Born on May 2, 1929, he spent most of his youth in Juban, Sorsogon. He also served as a Philippine Scout after World War II and was stationed for a while in Okinawa, Japan, as a military policeman.

His initial starring role was in the movie “Siete Infantes de Lara” back in 1949. Counting all of his TV and movie appearances, he had over 600. He is also known to be the most awarded actor in the history of Filipino Academy of Movie Arts and Sciences, or FAMAS.

Manoy has almost always played the role of the villain in most Filipino movies, but his personality is far from that. He lived a simple life and he made sure that his work and private life are separate. Being part of the military before, he was also into the sport of target shooting.

eddie garcia has passed away
Poster of his movie “Rainbow’s Sunset” which was an entry to the Metro Manila Film Festival 2018. Image credit:

According to an article from ABS-CBN, it was said that Eddie Garcia’s wishes if he is to meet his demise is that he would want to be cremated immediately, and his ashes be spread over Manila Bay.

We would like to send our condolences to Manoy’s family for his passing.


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