Cancelled GrabFood Orders Now Addressed by Grab PH in a Statement, Called Them “No Shows”

This is following viral posts regarding numerous stories booked GrabFood orders and then cancelled at the last minute.

  • GrabFood is a service from Grab wherein a GrabFood rider buys and delivers food on your behalf
  • Posts regarding GrabFood riders and their cancelled GrabFood orders have become viral
  • Grab finally made a statement regarding these “no show” incidents

Grab has become known initially as a ride-hailing service where a Grab affiliate can bring you to your desired destination if you are to book a trip via their app. Grab has then branched out to other services like being couriers through GrabExpress, and by delivering food through GrabFood.

Grab makes a statement regarding Cancelled GrabFood Orders

With GrabFood, you’ll be booking a rider, similar to how you would book a ride in the Grab app, but you’ll have the rider order food from the restaurant of your choice. Once the booking is accepted, the rider will then order the food for you and then deliver it to your location. These are usually cash-on-delivery, so you’ll be paying for the food once it arrives.

Stories of cancelled GrabFood orders have been viral for the past few weeks. A post in Facebook by Jay Mark Bercasio told of a GrabFood rider who was troubled because the booking that he took was cancelled by the person who placed the order because he took too long to deliver and he spent his own money to place the order, thinking that he can get it back once the order is fulfilled. Other posts shared a similar story and netizens all called for Grab to remove the Cancel button from the service.

Grab make a statement regarding Cancelled GrabFood Orders
An image of a GrabFood rider, who apparently had his order cancelled because he “took too long to deliver.” Image credit: Jay Mark Pascual Bercasio/Facebook

Grab PH finally made a statement through the Facebook page. In their post, they said those who do not accept the ordered food are considered as “no-show.”

The post then continued by reminding everyone to be responsible when using the GrabFood service and of the steps to ensure that there will be no issues with the delivery:

  1. Make sure to put in the correct address for the delivery
  2. Double-check the order to make sure that everything was placed properly
  3. Keep communications open with the GrabFood rider by either texting them or calling them directly.
Grab makes a statement regarding Cancelled GrabFood Orders
Four facts regarding GrabFood. Image credit: GrabPH/Facebook

Grab also said they will investigate the “no show” incidents further and see as to how they can implement penalties including account suspension.

Let’s hope that this move by Grab would help the riders and hopefully people would be more responsible with booking through GrabFood again.


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