Matteo Guidicelli’s Instagram post didn’t go well with his followers

Matteo’s latest IG post and the mixed reactions from fans

Matteo's latest IG post
  • Matteo Guidicelli: Let’s unite instead of talking smack
  • Fan: Talking smack is the essence of democracy

Actor Matteo Guidicelli has called her colleagues in the showbiz industry to unite for the country instead of “talking smack about different issues.”

In his Instagram account, Matteo posted a photo with Robin Padilla saluting on the flag of the Philippines.

Matteo Instagram
Matteo Instagram

“Salute to the flag, salute to our beautiful country! We challenge YOU, especially our colleagues in the showbiz industry. Instead of talking smack about different issues, why not unite so we may progress to make a better tomorrow. What do you think?” Matteo wrote.

Robin commented “Following your lead sir P2Lt. Matteo Guidicelli.”

Matteo Guidicelli finishes scout ranger training with special awards
Matteo Guidicelli finishes scout ranger training with special awards

However, his message of “uniting instead of talking smack” didn’t viewed well by his followers.

“I like you Matteo. I do. And I’m always rooting for you. But in this same breath, I’m not going to be a blind fan. I just have to call you out on this one. ‘Talking smack about issues’ is the very essence of democracy, Sir. We should hold our leaders accountable and let them know when they’ve failed the people they’re supposed to be serving. You talk about unity when our president, the very person who’s supposed to be leading the way and the one you pledge allegiance to I presume, is the first one to sow discord among the people,” a fan commented on Matteo’s post.

Fan Reaction to Matteo's Instagram post
Fan Reaction to Matteo’s Instagram post

“I’m not hating on you and please, Duterte fanatics/fantards save your trolling and hateful comments. I get what you’re trying to say but you could have worded it in a way that doesn’t sound like ‘quit your whining, suck it up and just unite’ because thousands are dead in a war that the government has no plan of winning or ending and we are being sold to China. You bet your ass we’re going to ‘talk smack’ about until we’re blue in the face. Until we’re heard. Until this government realizes that they have to do so much more for the people to have that ‘better tomorrow,’” she added.

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