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Costa Rica is On Its Way to Ban the Use of Styrofoam in Their Country

This is in line with their goal to be carbon and plastic-free by the year 2021

  • Costa Rica has been set to become a country that is carbon and plastic free by the year 2021
  • The country has been running on renewable energy since 2014 and has been working on protecting their forests
  • A law is now being passed that bans the use of styrofoam in the country and is set to take effect within 24 months

Numerous countries are working in order to protect the environment. With the pollution that is happening all around, there are policies and law that have been implemented to help the cause. Some supermarkets have started with encouraging shoppers to bring their own shopping bags and recently, it was reported that Bali, Indonesia, has officially banned the use of single-use plastics.

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A law has been passed in the country of Costa Rica that bans the use of styrofoam altogether. Styrofoam refers to the expanded polystyrene foam that is commonly used for packaging and as coffee cups for the longest time. It is non-biodegradable and will release toxic fumes when burned.

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In a series of Tweets from Asamblea Legislativa, they have posted updates from one of their Plenary Sessions, and one of the laws that was approved was the one for banning the use of expanded polystyrene.

Additional information is posted in an article by Intelligent Living, and they mentioned that the law is known to take effect within 24 months, and companies that still use styrofoam will be assisted by the government so they can find alternatives.

If a person breaks the law, they will be fined from a minimum of ₡446,200 to as much as ₡4.46 million ($767 to $7667).

costa rica to ban the use of styrofoam
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Packaging for electrical equipment and containers for industrial and construction uses will still be allowed to use expanded polystyrene, and their Ministry of Health will be the one that will be implementing the law in the country.

This is great news and a helpful step in protecting the environment, and hopefully other countries can follow their examples.


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