Mayor Moreno Threatens to Have Vandals Lick Their Graffiti Clean

He said this after also saying that he needs to spend money to clean the walls instead of other important things.

  • A group has vandalized the walls of Lagunislad underpass in the city of Manila with messages of protest against the current administration
  • Manila Mayor Isko Moreno was greatly disappointed with it and has threatened that if the vandals were caught, he’ll have them lick the walls clean
  • The group Panday Sining has taken responsibility of the vandalism and has issued an apology to the mayor

Manila, Philippines – It is not uncommon for citizens to be unsatisfied with the way people in power are managing or leading the country and they may try to voice out their opinion through different means. One group has attempted to do so, but was met with further disappointment from a certain city mayor.

On November 12, 2019, a group has expressed their demands by using spray cans and has used the walls of the Lagunislad underpass as the place to write their messages with. Netizens who saw the messages were upset that the said underpass, that had taken so long to get cleaned, would only be vandalized that easily.

mayor moreno against vandals
Image credit: Panday Sining/Facebook

That same day, people from the Department of Engineering and Public Works and the Department of Public Services went to clean the walls.

Manila Mayor Isko Moreno did not take this sitting down and has issued his own statement. Through an interview, he did not hide his disappointment as he has mentioned that it took them a long time to clean the walls only for vandals to ruin it, and he spent city funds once again to have them cleaned.

He also said that if the people responsible are caught, he will have them lick the walls clean with their tongues.

mayor moreno against vandals
Image credit: Ang Malayang Balita/Facebook

Cultural Youth group Panday Sining has taken responsibility for the graffiti, stating the “issues at hand are urgent,” and they want to “sound the alarm of the public against these injustices.”

The group also said they are open to have a dialogue with Mayor Moreno as “he shares the same sentiment about wanting just and lasting peace.”

mayor moreno against vandals
Image credit: ONE News/Facebook

The Lagunislad underpass has not been taken care of for the past 15 years, and only recently did it get cleaned up for use of the public. The City Ordinance No. 7971, or the Anti-Vandalism Law of 1999, was also mentioned by Mayor Moreno to discourage other vandals in the future.


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