Mayor Isko Moreno Donates Talent Fee From Being Hired as a Model For Two Companies

Mayor Isko Moreno donates his 4 Million worth of talent fee to PGH

Manila Mayor Isko Moreno Donates Talent Fee to Cancer Patients of Philippine General Hospital

  • Manila Mayor Isko Moreno has said that he was hired to become a model by two different companies
  • In the same announcement, he said that the talent fee that he will be getting will be donated to the Philippine General Hospital
  • One of the companies, after learning that Moreno will be donating is talent fee, has matched the amount and will make a donation to PGH as well

Manila, Philippines — Mayor Isko Moreno of Manila has been making rounds in the news ever since he took the office back in July. From cleaning up Divisoria and making big changes in the city, he has changed the way people perceived those that had a political seat.

Only recently, Mayor Moreno popularly called as Yorme has announced that he was hired by two companies to become models for their brands. The mayor has addressed this during one of his reports.

In a video that was uploaded on Facebook that covered his said speech, he named one of the companies as JAG, who is famous for their jeans apparel. He said he was given P1 million for a talent fee, but he instead said that should be directed to the Philippine General Hospital, to the children with cancer specifically.

mayor moreno gives talent fee for modeling to charity
Mayor Moreno said that he was given P 1 million as talent fee to be a model for a certain clothing brand. Image credit: Raffy Tulfo Supporters/Facebook

He also added that once the owner of JAG heard of this, he said he will match the amount and will also donate P1 million to the same cause.

He intends to give the money to PGH, for the children with cancer, he says in his own report. Image credit: Raffy Tulfo Supporters/Facebook

In the same video, he also mentioned that he was hired as a model by another company: IAM World, who produces IAM Coffee. He was given P3 million as his talent fee, and he then showed a check worth P1.5 million, already addressed to PGH as well, and he assured that the rest will be given as well.

mayor moreno gives talent fee for modeling to charity
Mayor holds up a check amounting to P1.5 million which is already addressed to PGH, Image credit: Raffy Tulfo Supporters/Facebook

Mayor Moreno is also aware that his detractors may say something about him taking these modeling jobs, but he said he didn’t mind as long as someone else gets the help that they deserve afterwards.

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