McDonald’s Philippines’ celebrates Women’s Day with all stores staffed by women.

McDonalds Philippines All Women Crew

Manila, Philippines — Female employees of McDonald’s Philippines’ took overall McDonald’s restaurants nationwide as they led store operations in celebration of International Women’s Day. The initiative aimed to demonstrate the strong representation of females in McDonald’s Philippines’ workforce.

McDonalds Philippines All Women Crew
McDonalds Philippines All Women Crew

To date, women employees account for 55% of McDonald’s Philippines’ total workforce, exceeding global benchmarks for a gender-equal workforce. Across over its 670 the restaurants, an average of 56% of Restaurant General Managers and 62% of service crew are women.

“McDonald’s Philippines takes pride in having women across the different department and levels in the company taking the lead. We are celebrating these employees this International Women’s Day as they have proven to be instrumental to the company’s continued growth. I’m very proud of the fact that 67% of key leadership positions are held by women—they are driving the business, and accelerating progress in creating a workplace that supports the growth and development of everyone in the country equally,” said Kenneth Yang, McDonald’s Philippines President, and CEO.

Mcdonalds Philippines celebrates International Women’s Day
Mcdonalds Philippines celebrates International Women’s Day

McDonald’s Philippines also boasts that said women in key leadership positions are challenging gender narratives by thriving in roles that are traditionally handled by men like Real Estate, Construction, Legal, IT and Franchising.

“I am proud to be part of a company that gives all of its employees opportunities to grow in their roles. In McDonald’s, women are trusted and given equal opportunity to learn and develop, enabling them to lead. Women at McDonald’s are truly leaders who are empowered to drive the success of the company,” said Margot Torres, McDonald’s Philippines Managing Director.

Beyond its International Women’s Day celebration, McDonald’s Philippines remains steadfast in its commitment to continuously inspire employees, franchisees, suppliers and those beyond its system to build bias-aware workplaces with equal opportunities for career growth and development.

Mcdonalds Philippines All Female Crew
Mcdonalds Philippines All Female Crew

McDonald’s Philippines’ celebration of International Women’s Day is one of its efforts to promote gender balance and diversity within and beyond the industry. The celebration is in line with the company’s All Out culture where each one is equally supported and empowered. With such culture, McDonald’s Philippines is continuously working towards a gender-equal world.

McDonald’s Philippines master franchise holder, Dr. George T. Yang, opened the first McDonald’s store in Morayta, Manila in 1981. Since then, McDonald’s in the Philippines has been a strong and relevant player in the country’s quick-service restaurant industry, having grown a store network of over 670 across the country, and will continue to grow in the years to come. McDonald’s Philippines continues to elevate its community relevance thru Ronald McDonald House Charities and customer experience through its NXTGEN stores.

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