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MOS Burger, a Japanese Burger Joint, Will be Opening in the Philippines

This is the first step that the Japanese restaurant will be taking to expand their market.

  • MOS Burger is the second largest fast food restaurant franchise in Japan
  • They already has branches with other countries like Taiwan, Singapore, and Australia.
  • Their goal is to have their first restaurant in the Philippines to be opened by March 2020

Burgers are probably the fastest food product that one can buy and consume specially if you are on the go. You can either eat it at the store that you buy it from or you can have it to go and it can even be delivered. Numerous branches from international brands has opened here and another brand may be coming in soon.

MOS Burger is the second largest fast food brand in Japan, with Japan’s own McDonalds coming in as first. MOS is always spelled in capital letters and is supposed to stand for “Mountain, Ocean, Sun.” They are famous numerous products, including the MOS Rice Burger.

MOS Burger to open in the Philippines soon
MOS Burger’s Yakiniku Rice Burger. Image credit:

MOS Burger has already opened branches in other countries like Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, South Korea, and Australia. In Australia alone, they already have six stores.

MOS Burger to open in the Philippines soon
A MOS Burger branch in Australia. Image credit:

MOS Food Services is now planning to open their first store in the Philippines by March of 2020. This will be their first attempt at expanding their market after seven years. They will be working with Tokyo Coffee Holdings, who has been negotiating with them from as early as August. MOS Food Services has chosen Tokyo Coffee as their partner due to their expertise with the local market.

The first restaurant is planned to be opened in the Manila area and they are looking forward to have 50 MOS Burger outlets opened by 2027. MOS Food Services is also looking forward to opening their 400th store outside of Japan this year.

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