Three-Boobed Lady Now Crowdfunding for a Real Third Boob

Three-Breasted Hoaxer starts GoFundMe For third Boob implant

Three-Boobed Lady Now Crowdfunding for a Real Third Boob

Hoaxer Finally Finds A Surgeon Willing To Give Her A Third Boob implant

Remembered back in 2014 for her hoax about having three breasts, Jasmine Tridevil – the Three-Boobed Lady is back and this time, she wants to actually have three breasts. In 2014, she managed to fool the entire internet into believing that her prosthetic third boob was real.

The lady now claims that she has really grown attached to the idea of having three breasts, and even have already found the surgeon willing to perform the procedure.

According to Jasmine, the first hoax was just banter, but now she wants to have them for real.

Talking to her YouTube fans, she said: “During that period (2014), I was living with a prosthetic, and during that time would sleep with it on, to prevent my friends and family from discovering that it was fake.”

For an internet sensation like her, you would expect such pranks, because that is how they gain new followers and views.

Something that started as a pun she now claims she is into the idea of having three boobs for real.

“I have grown to adore the fantasy of having this body type,” she said. “There is just something strangely seductive about this look to me.

“I think that it is truly beautiful. Strange and unusual forms are something I have always been attracted to, I like imperfections in people, but I’ve always, always, always hated normality.

“So once I realized that a third breast is genuinely what I want I contacted hundreds of surgeons.” She concluded.

Not many surgeons are willing to perform such unnatural surgery however, as she got turned down by almost all of them.

Three-Boobed Lady Now Crowdfunding for a Real Third Boob
Three-Boobed Lady Now Crowdfunding for a Real Third Boob image via GoFundMe

The surgeon, who accepted to operate on her, will not be revealed to the public according to Jasmine, but for the sake of Doubting Thomases and those thinking she is pulling another prank; she has publicized the name and the location of the doctor.

In a video, to her fans, Jasmine, whose real name is Alisha Hassler, said that the only thing standing between her and the third breast is money. The operation costs $50,000 along with an additional $20,000 for rehabilitation and emergencies. According to her, any unused funds will be channeled to creating more content for her YouTube channel.

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