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Fast Food Branch Steps Back From Banning Students from Studying In Their Restaurant

This started after an image was posted showing that a certain fast food branch that bans students from staying and studying.

  • A post online, which since was removed, showed that a certain fast food branch banned students from staying in their store and studying, saying that their facilities are for those that wish to eat in their store
  • The post became viral and netizens were quick to comment on the said post
  • From an update in a Reddit post, the branch has retracted their ban and apologized to all concerned parties

For students that are studying, just staying at school might not be the ideal place for them, nor if they are to just go home. Having a change of environment can help in stimulating their mind, and some would choose to study and eat at the same time. Fast food restaurants are the first choice for most, but it looks a certain branch did not like that kind of practice.

From a Tweet by Twitter user @sandwichspy, there was a notice at a certain fast food branch that requested that students “not study in their premises” and that their facilities are to be used by those that wish to dine-in, among other things.

fast food branch steps back from banning students from studying
Image credit: @sandwichspy/Twitter

The image became viral and was also shared in other social media platforms. A follow-up Tweet then mentioned that one of his acquaintances tried to ask the branch management of this new policy and they said they were “not aware of such.”

fast food branch steps back from banning students from studying
Image credit: @sandwichspy/Twitter

In the last update on this issue, the fast food branch issues another statement, which was reposted in Reddit.

The post showed that the management is apologizing because of the issue and that it all started due to “lapse in judgment and communication and this does not in any way reflect company policy and values.”

fast food branch steps back from banning students from studying
Image credit:

Everyone that saw the original image agreed that studying in such a public place as a fast food restaurant may be inevitable, but proper etiquette and respect to other diners must still be remembered.


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