A Flight Got Delayed After A Man Decided to Hitch a Ride on An Airplane’s Wing

The plane did not take off after the pilots were alerted of the hitchhiker, who in turn, was apprehended after.

  • A passenger plane was about to leave an airport in Lagos, Nigeria and was headed to Port Harcourt
  • Passengers were all alarmed after seeing a man on the left-wing of the airplane, looking like he wants to hitch a ride
  • Authorities were alerted and the flight was delayed, but the man was caught soon after

Lagos, Nigeria — Traveling from one place to another in the fastest way possible is what every person wants. It could be by hailing a taxi, riding a bus, or if we are talking very long distances, by flying. Riding an airplane is convenient, but unless you are able to book your ticket ahead of time, you might have trouble finding the flight that you want. Hopefully, you won’t have to resort to what a person in Nigeria attempted.

A plane was going to leave from an airport in Lagos, Nigeria, and is headed to Port Harcourt on Friday, July 19. As the passengers were settled down inside the airplane and waiting for takeoff, a sight from the window caught everyone’s attention.

man hitches a ride on an airplane's wing
Image credit: Jaafar Jaafar/YouTube

There was a man that was attempting to hitch a ride on the same flight as they were taking but he decided to ride on the airplane’s wing. He also stowed his bag away inside the plane’s left engine

The moment was caught on camera and flight attendants were alerted, who then informed the pilots what was happening. The pilots were able to turn off the engine just in time.

man hitches a ride on an airplane's wing
Image credit: Jaafar Jaafar/YouTube

Police were able to get to the scene and had apprehended the man. His bag was recovered from the engine, and there was no damage found on both the engine and the airplane’s wing. After a few minutes, the plane was able to take off safely.

It was also mentioned that the Lagos Airport has security issues, mostly regarding things that are stolen in an airplane’s cargo hold, but this is the very first time that someone attempted to ride the airplane in a very unconventional manner.

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