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Student Wins 3 Gold Medals With Makeshift “Nike” Running Shoes

Rhea Bullos thought of adding the shoe brand’s logo to her taped-up feet that she used to compete.

  • Rhea Bullos of Iloilo is one of the competitors in their Iloilo Schools Sports Council Meets
  • She didn’t have proper running shoes to use in the competition, so she decided to wrap her feet with brown surgical tape, and then added the Nike logo just for fun
  • She won three gold medals in the categories that she joined in, and netizens were all in awe with her wit and sense of humor

Iloilo, Philippines – School competitions are held to encourage camaraderie and sports among students, and this also becomes the time that students can become competitive in the field that they want. One girl wanted to excel in track and field but she didn’t have the proper gear for it, but that didn’t stop her.

Rhea Bullos is from Iloilo and has competed in the Iloilo Schools Sports Council Meets this year. With her sport being track and field, you would expect that she has the proper shoes for it, but in fact she didn’t. But instead of letting that bring her down, she used her own ingenuity to still be able to compete.

Rhea Bullos. Image credit: Predirick B. Valenzuela/Facebook

Pictures in Facebook showed that she got brown surgical tape and wrapped her feet with it. This also allowed her to wrap each toe individually so that she’ll have better control of her feet when she ran.

Poking fun at what she did, she also wrote the brand name “Nike” onto her makeshift shoes and added their logo as well.

The improvised shoes that she used during the competition. Image credit: Predirick B. Valenzuela/Facebook

With the use of her makeshift pair of shoes, she had competed in three events, and she had won gold in each! The events are:

  • 400m Dash for Elementary Girls
  • 800m Run for Elementary Girls
  • 1,500m Run for Elementary Girls
Image credit: Leone Azufra Tiosayco/Facebook

Netizens were delighted with her wits and with her sense of humor regarding adding the shoe brand’s logo, and all are hoping that Nike takes notice of her and her makeshift shoes and that she gets a sponsorship.


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