The Philippines’ First Transgender Flight Attendants Take Flight

Jess Labares and Mikee Vitug are both accepted as the first transgender flight attendants of the country.

  • Jess Labares and Mikee Vitug are the first to become transgender flight attendants of the country
  • Both have been accepted by Cebu Pacific, which is a step forward regarding the way the country accepts the members of the LGBTQ community
  • Both are hoping that with this move, the rest of the country would slowly become open to gender diversity

Manila, Philippines – The LGBTQ community in the country is going strong, but since most of the citizens are still the conservative type, acceptance is still moving slowly. But with one step taken by a certain airline company, we may be a step closer to being gender inclusive.

Cebu Pacific has accepted their first transgender flight attendants, Jess Labares and Mikee Vitug. Both has made a post in their own Facebook accounts regarding this.

In her post, Jess has mentioned all of the struggles that she had to go through in order to achieve this goal. Being a reigning beauty queen as well, she considers her position as a flight attendant her “greatest crown that she has ever achieved.”

transgender flight attendants
Jess Labares. Image credit: Jess Labares/Facebook

Mikee, in her own post, felt humbled after being chosen as one of the first transgender flight attendants of the country. She also said she had doubts if she’ll ever be accepted, with the stereotype that most Filipinos have regarding members of the LGBTQ community.

transgender flight attendants
Mikee Vitug. Image credit: Mikee Sicat Vitug/Facebook

This is also despite being ranked 10th for the most LGBTQ-friendly country in the world, discrimination is still rampant almost everywhere, whether it is at work, in public places, or even in their own home.

Despite all of this, Mikee remains positive that the country is slowly taking the step forward and that everyone will become welcoming to people of different genders like her.


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