5 Times Angel Locsin Proved She is Stronger than Darna

These 5 Things Prove Angel Locsin is Stronger than Darna

Angel Locsin is Stronger than Darna

Angel Locsin, unlike Darna, can move mountains

Aside from being one of the most beautiful faces in the showbiz industry today, Angel Locsin is also one of the most down to earth celebrities in her generation. As people waits for the new actress to play Darna, Viral Buzz Makers list down things why Angel is stronger than Darna.

Angel Locsin is definitely Stronger than Darna photo via FB Page
Angel Locsin is definitely Stronger than Darna photo via FB Page

1. She can move mountains (Bondoc to be precise haha)

Angel was one of the first celebrities who stood up against singer Jimmy Bondoc’s tirade against ABS-CBN. And Angel did it in the wittiest way using the singer’s lone hit song “Let Me Be The One.”

“Let me be the one to break this news to you so you don’t have to make excuses. The network might not be perfect but for you to be happy about thousands of people losing their jobs is pure evil. Maybe you’re just having a bad day. I will pray for you,” Angel wrote on her Twitter account.

2. She got injured during a shoot but she came back stronger

Upon receiving the invitation to play Darna again last 2015, Angel immediately underwent training to prepare for her restaging to the iconic Pinoy superheroine movie. Unfortunately, her intensive training triggered the development of a disc bulge in her spine and she can no longer do active stunts.

In an interview with Boy Abunda last 2016, Angel recalled how hard it is for her to know that she has a spine problem.

“May isang araw po na gumising na lang ako, hindi na po ako makatayo, ni gapang, ni hatak sa sarili hindi ko magawa,” she said, adding “Natakot ako, Tito Boy. Kasi, kinabukasan ko, buhay ko, nakasalalay kung paano ako pupunta sa trabaho.”

But years of medication and therapy worked out for her as she is now back in the action genre she loves playing a soldier in her teleserye “The General’s Daughter.”

Angel Locsin photo via FB Page
Angel Locsin photo via FB Page

3. Angel Locsin lost her hair before but she remained composed

Angel revealed last 2017 that she had suffered lost hair due to botched salon treatment.

Reports said that she has been hiding it with wigs and caps. At one point, the length of her hair was reduced to a mere two inches.

Instead of suing the salon, she cut her hair short.

4. She Stands up for what she believes in

Apart from her good acting skills, Angel is known as vocal in her political views and society’s important issues. She doesn’t care what people called her as long as she voiced out what she believes what is right.

In Twitter, Angel clapped back on a netizen saying “Sayang ka ms angel locsin wag masyado makisawsaw sa pulitika ,idol pa naman kita.sayang ka.”

Angel replied with “Sayang kasi may opinion? Dapat pacute lang?”

Angel Locsin on Twitter
Angel Locsin on Twitter

Angel also clapped back on a doctor saying she should study Philippine history first and asked her to go to mountains for her to know NPA.

Angel Locsin is not afraid of bashers
Angel Locsin is not afraid of bashers

“Bat hindi ho kayo ang mamundok ng makatulong pa ho kayo sa mga lugar na malayo ang ospital kesa ho gamitin nyo pa ho yung oras nyo sa pag tweet sa akin? Inaano ko po ba kayo, ma’am para magalit ka ng ganyan?” Angel replied.

5. Angel Locsin is definitely NOT afraid of bashers

One thing why people love Angel is her stand on key issues in society. She uses her star power to influence people by voicing out her opinions.

In the era of trolls on social media and how they affect a simple individual, Angel stood up, unlike some celebrities who opt not to air their reactions on key issues because they are afraid to lose fans.

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Kapamilya stars fire back against Jimmy Bondoc

Kapamilya stars fire back against Jimmy Bondoc

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