Tito Sotto’s remark on fishing exclusivity sparks memes

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Vicente Tito Sotto

‘The fish could be coming from China and the fish from the Philippines could be going to China’

Manila, Philippines — Senate President Tito Sotto is once again the talk of the town after saying he sees no problem with President Rodrigo Duterte’s pronouncement that Chinese fishers can venture into waters where Manila has exclusive rights over natural resources.

Tito Sotto Memes
Tito Sotto Memes

In an interview with ABS-CBN News Channel, Sotto was asked if the Duterte’s remarks could be used for an impeachment case.

Sotto said the alleged poaching could be a test case but he said “It’s very difficult to say that there is exclusivity when it’s underwater.”

“The fish could be coming from China and the fish from the Philippines could be going to China,” he said.

“If we want to be technical about it, relate it to the constitutionality of what should be owned by us, there are exclusive types of fish that are only found in China but can be found here because of migration perhaps. It could be a very good test case that it is a constitutional violation,” he added.

Social media users took to their online account to air their comments on Sotto’s remarks.

A Twitter page joked that the Bureau of Immigration is on its way to the West Philippine Sea to check the nationality of fishes out there.

OPM rock star Dong Abay said in his Twitter account that according to the World Health Organization, “Marijuana is safer than Tito Sotto.”

Tito Sotto Memes

“’THE FISH COULD BE FROM CHINA.’ Homaygahd, Tito Sotto. It’s impressive how you act like your stupidity is a virtue. So, using your logic, we can go and fish anywhere we want, too? Think, man. It won’t hurt you,” posted by another netizen.

The fish could be from China :)
The fish could be from China 🙂

A netizen also posted a photo of a statue carrying a heavy thing with the caption “Vico Sotto carrying the entire Sotto clan after Tito Sotto made a stupid claim that the fish could be from China.”

“#BreakingNewz: Senator Tito Sotto will file a bill in Congress requiring fish coming from China to carry Chinese passports while fish from the PHL will be required to carry NSO birth certificates,” posted by another netizen.

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