Website Interface for Twitter Updated, Now Very Similar to Their App

Their goal is to make the social media platform more personalized and faster to use.

  • Twitter is a social media platform that allows one to send a “Tweet” or a short post, and you will only have a limited amount of characters to use.
  • Twitter is widely popular with millions of active users around the world
  • Twitter recently updated their website so that it will mimic how its mobile app looks like in an effort to make it more personalized and easier to navigate.

Twitter is one of the most used social media platforms in the world. From what started as an idea of a social network based around the use of SMS back in 2006, it has blown over and is widely used.

With Twitter, you are able to send a short post or what they call a “tweet.” One of the features of Twitter was that for each tweet, you were initially allowed to only use 140 characters per post, until an update in November 2017 allowed posts to have 280 characters.

website interface of twitter changed
Twitter’s new website will imitate how their mobile app looks like.

Celebrities and government officials have been known to use Twitter as it was an easy way to reach out to their followers. Anything trending and viral can be shared easily by Retweeting posts.

Twitter can be accessed through its website or via their app for mobile devices. The website had a different interface compared to the apps but that has changed recently.

Twitter has changed its website interface so it now looks the same as what you would see with its mobile counterpart. According to them, this is to make the site “faster, easier to navigate and more personalized.”

website interface of twitter changed
This is how the new Twitter website looks like, with customized color and a Dark mode

The site now has everything regarding navigation on the left side, while your news feed is still in the middle. An “Explore” option is added in hopes that users can use that to check out other content, and a Bookmark option is also now available, so that you can “save” a Tweet that you liked and you can easily get back to it.

The Dark Mode is also implemented and you also now have the option of managing the font size and color of your news feed.

Hopefully Twitter will continue working on their services as it is still one of the best means of sharing thoughts and ideas online.


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