Stray Dog with an Injured Paw Approached a Pharmacist, Video Went Viral

The pharmacist didn’t hesitate to give the dog immediate assistance after she saw what happened.

  • Banu Cengiz is a pharmacist and dog lover from Turkey
  • She lets dogs stay outside of her pharmacy and she leaves treats for them to enjoy
  • A Tweet of her assisting a stray dog with an injured paw went viral

Dogs are very loyal. They are dependable companions, whether you are using them for work or if you just have them as pets. They can also know if you are a kind person, specially if you are kind to animals, just like what happened in Turkey.

Banu Cengiz is a pharmacist that works in Turkey. She is also known locally as a dog lover, and she rescued the dog that she has right now. Since she can’t just adopt all the dogs that she wants to take care of, she has set up a place in front of her pharmacy where stray dogs can rest and eat.

stray dog with an injured paw assisted by dog-loving pharmacist
Banu Cengiz. Image credit: @badores/Twitter

A Tweet coming from her account, @badores, showed a video of her with a dog that she let in her pharmacy. What had happened was that the stray dog with an injured paw appeared to have asked for help. It showed Cengiz applying medicine to the injury while the dog was sitting patiently, as if she knew what was happening, and after that, the dog then lied down and Cengiz patted her on her belly. The Tweet has gotten more than 100,000 Likes and was Retweeted more than 15,000 times as of this writing.

stray dog with an injured paw assisted by dog-loving pharmacist
Banu Cengiz applying medicine to the dog’s injured paw. Image credit: @badores/Twitter

According to an article by The Dodo, she said she saw the dog standing outside her door and when she let her in, she showed the injured paw. After treating the paw, Cengiz gave her food, water, and even a dog bed so she can rest for the day.

stray dog with an injured paw assisted by dog-loving pharmacist
The dog lied down after her paw was treated by Cengiz. Image credit: @badores/Twitter

Unfortunately, Cengiz can’t take the dog home, but she was glad that she was able to provide help in her own little way.

Stray dogs in Turkey is not uncommon so the “oasis for dogs” that Cengiz set up just outside her pharmacy is her means to let the dogs know that she wants to still give some love to them.


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