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What Can Work With a Nintendo Switch Lite?

A YouTuber tried a few things with his own Nintendo Switch Lite, including being able to get it to play on his TV.

  • The Nintendo Switch is Nintendo’s new gaming console, which has the unique capability of being used as both as a console that is connected to a TV, and as a handheld unit
  • Nintendo recently released the Nintendo Switch Lite, which is a smaller version of the Switch, with a few key features missing
  • A YouTuber tested a few things with his own Switch Lite in order to compare it with the regular Switch

Gamers all over the world has their own thoughts of which gaming console is the best for them, but currently the best innovator is Nintendo, with their Nintendo Switch.

The original Nintendo Switch with its Joy-Cons attached

The Switch is a unique gaming console as it is the first that can be used as both a regular console while it is connected to its dock and can be played on a TV, and it can also be detached and played as a handheld unit. Its controllers, or Joy-Cons, can be used multiple ways: It can be used as one whole unit or it can be detached and they can act as their own individual controllers.

Nintendo recently released a new member of the Switch family: The Nintendo Switch Lite. It has a smaller screen compared to the original Switch and is lighter, but would have a longer battery life. It doesn’t have Joy-Cons that can separate from the body; they are part of the unit instead. It was also said that the unit won’t have the capability of connecting to the TV via the Switch dock.

The Nintendo Switch Lite

Recently, a YouTuber with the username My Mate VINCE uploaded a video as he tries to answer a lot of questions that people may have regarding the Switch Lite, and it has the title, “What Works on the NINTENDO SWITCH LITE.”

He opens the video by showing off the console, and then tries to answer the first question: Will it Dock on the TV?

The answer is: No.

Image credit: My Mate VINCE/YouTube

The next questions asked if other controllers might work with.

He was able to use a Nintendo GameCube controller, thanks to an adapter that he has.

Image credit: My Mate VINCE/YouTube

He was also able to use a USB controller, which he connected to the gaming console via a USB-C adapter.

Image credit: My Mate VINCE/YouTube

He was also able to connect a USB keyboard to the Switch Lite.

Image credit: My Mate VINCE/YouTube

Using a third-party adapter, he was able to connect third-party controllers (Sony PlayStation controller, Xbox One wireless controller) to the Switch Lite.

Image credit: My Mate VINCE/YouTube

He was also able to connect up to 8 other controllers to one Switch Lite (he counted 9 as he included the controls on the device itself).

Image credit: My Mate VINCE/YouTube

He was also able to connect an Ethernet cable to the console using an Ethernet adapter, but it is worth noting that it can only support regular Ethernet connections and can’t support gigabit connections.

Image credit: My Mate VINCE/YouTube

He also showed off his homemade “Switch Mini,” which he created a few months prior.

Image credit: My Mate VINCE/YouTube

Finally, he concluded the video with an alternative, but not recommended, means of getting the Switch Lite to work with his TV: Via recording the screen using a video camera and transferring the image to the TV in real time.

Image credit: My Mate VINCE/YouTube

Hopefully this answers a few questions that potential Switch buyers may have, and will help with the decision-making, on whether you’d want to go with the Switch Lite, or with the original Switch.

You can watch the full video below:


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