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A Bracelet That Will Shock You if You Eat Too Much is Sold on Amazon

The bracelet can also be used to get you to break any other habits that you might have.

  • Bad habits like eating too much can be hard to break
  • A bracelet sold in Amazon can give you a quick shock to remind you to stop doing the said habit
  • The product has become popular and is getting good reviews

It is a hard thing to be able to break a bad habit. From smoking, nail pulling, and giving in to your food craving, it is always a struggle. Numerous methods are out there that are supposed to help, but it looks like a certain bracelet can be a solution to that.

From an article from Distractify, the Pavlok is a bracelet that can help you with breaking your bad habit. You’ll be wearing the bracelet and then pair it with the phone app that it comes with. You will then need to adjust the app to let it know of the habit that you want to stop.

A Bracelet That Will Shock You
The Pavlok. Image credit:

What the Pavlok will actually do is it will zap you with a quick jolt of electricity whenever you try to give in to your bad habit, regardless if it is oversleeping, smoking, or overeating. The body would then start to remember that when you are about to do the habit in question, it will get a shock. With this, your body can be trained to stop doing the said habit.

A Bracelet That Will Shock You
The Pavlok currently comes in black and is very discreet-looking. Image credit:

The Pavlok itself has external sensors so it can detect its surroundings and in turn it will tell the app of what is happening. Depending how you program the app, it will give you a shock if it sees you are doing one of your bad habits. You can also manually shock yourself with a button on the bracelet.

A Bracelet That Will Shock You
You can either have an app help with the jolt or you can press a button on it so you can do it yourself. Image credit:

The Pavlok currently retails in Amazon for around $200. Lots of testimonials and item reviews say that it is effective, so if you have a habit that you badly want to stop, the Pavlok may be one option for you.


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