Giant Catfish Caught in Pasig River

Fishermen caught tilapia and recently a large catfish from the famous river, showing that life is slowly growing in it.

  • The Pasig River has been undergoing a rehabilitation for a few years now after it was declared as “biologically dead” back in the 90’s
  • Recently, fish has been caught in the river, and anglers were able to catch a huge catfish from it
  • Though it is still not recommended to eat fish that was caught in the river, it shows that life is slowly returning to the river

Manila, Philippines – The Pasig River is probably the most famous river in the country. It connects Laguna de Bay to Manila Bay. Numerous bridges cross the river and the Malacañang Palace, home of the President of the Philippines, is situated beside it as well.

In the old days, people would have their houses set beside the river but as time moved on, factories became set beside it and it became neglected. It went to a point that it was declared to be a “dead zone” because of the pollution and that it cannot sustain any animal life anymore.

Part of Pasig River. Image credit:

Programs to help with the rehabilitation of the Pasig River was established along with the Pasig River Rehabilitation Commission (PRRC). Programs such as “Piso Para sa Pasig” also became popular as an effort to try to restore it back to how it was before.

In a recent Facebook post from a page by PRRC Executive Director Jose Antonio Goitia, he shared pictures from anglers that caught what probably is one of the largest catches from the river in recent times.

giant catfish caught in Pasig River
This big fish was caught from Pasig River. Image credit: Jose Antonio “Pepeton” E. Goitia/Facebook

The picture showed a huge catfish that was supposedly caught near Guadalupe and it was said to weigh between 10 to 18 kilograms.

giant catfish caught in Pasig River
It was estimated that the fish weighed 10-18 kilos. Image credit: Jose Antonio “Pepeton” E. Goitia/Facebook

Goitia still gave a warning that it might still not be safe to eat fish that was caught from the river, but aside from that, there were also other stories that said they were able to catch tilapia from the river as well. He takes it as a good sign that the efforts that people were putting in restoring the river’s life is working, and he hopes that they can make the river live again with more species of fish.


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