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Hailstorm During Summer Suddenly Covered Part of Mexico in Ice

Local government was just as surprised as it was the first time for something like that to happen in their area

  • This month is supposed to be summer in the country of Mexico
  • A freak storm that hit the city of Guadalajara left the place under almost three feet in hail
  • Governor of the area said it was the first time that they’ve witnessed such an occurrence

The weather is very unpredictable. Some have even compared it to how a woman’s mind worked, where she could just change what’s on her mind quickly. Same goes for the weather; it can be sunny at the beginning of the day and then all of a sudden it would start raining in the afternoon. Imagine then the surprise that the people of Guadalajara, Mexico, must have felt when they woke up Sunday morning.

hailstorm during summer in Mexico
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Currently, it should be the summer season in Mexico. Mexicans are to expect hot weather and the sun bearing down on them. All of a sudden, on Sunday, June 30, 2019, residents of Guadalajara woke up with snow all around them.

hailstorm during summer in Mexico
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A hailstorm during summer has hit the city, and has covered its roads and vehicles. It was reported that some parts of the city was buried in more than 3 feet of hail.

In a series of Tweets by Enrique Alfaro Ramirez, governor of Jalisco, in which Guadalajara is its capital, he gave his remark that he himself was surprised with the event. He immediately asked for assistance from the Mexican Army and the local government to clear away the ice as quickly as possible.

hailstorm during summer in Mexico
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The governor himself went to the location to assess the situation, and he was glad to mention that there were no injuries nor casualties reported and everything should go back to normal soon. He then wondered if the hailstorm during summer can be a sign of climate change.

hailstorm during summer in Mexico
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From a news article by CNN, meteorologist Michael Guy is seeing that there had been low air pressure just below the US-Mexico border which may have created the storm which then carried all the hail to the city.


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