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Fake Videos and How to Spot One

With more videos made using Deepfake, you won’t easily know if the video is authentic or not

  • Deepfake is a method wherein two different videos or images are combined together with the help of artificial intelligence
  • Deepfake became viral when it was used to create fake pornographic videos that featured celebrities
  • There are a few methods that can be used in order to tell if the video is fake or not

With today’s technology, sharing pictures and videos is as easy as clicking a few buttons on a computer screen. It could be of the latest news, a video of a family gathering, or something that just went viral. With today’s technology as well, any video or picture can be faked and you won’t be able to tell the difference immediately.

how to spot fake videos from the real one
Jordan Peele (right) does a “deepfake” video while he impersonates Barack Obama. Image credit: BuzzFeedVideo/YouTube

Recently, the use of Deepfake became popular and the term was known for almost everyone that is using the internet. Deepfake is a method that allows two different images or videos to be combined together with the help of artificial intelligence. This makes for a very realistic effect as the end product.

how to spot fake videos from the real one
YouTube channel CorridorDigital tried a “deepfake” experiment by getting a Tom Cruise impersonator and superimposing the actor’s face, making a convincing video. Image credit: CorridorDigital/YouTube

The use of Deepfake became viral after it was used to create pornographic videos with faces of celebrities superimposed in it. There had been a few that tried to experiment with it, such as the Tom Cruise video by CorridorDigital and a video of “Barack Obama” from BuzzFeedVideo.

There are numerous ways to be able to spot fake videos. You might need to rewatch it, but here are a few things to watch out for, according to an article by Lifehacker:

  • Watch out for the mouth movement: The mouth might not open as much when the person is speaking
  • The voice would not sound the same as the original: Impersonators can sound like the person that they are impersonating, but there are tones that they can’t imitate from the original
  • The movement of the body and face would not move together: There may be cases that the face may move differently from the rest of the body
  • The face would appear like it’s rendered into the video: The way that the face is rendered may not be as perfect as expected, and it may look like it came from a video game.
  • Always check the source of the video that you see
how to spot fake videos from the real one
A “deepfake” video screenshot of Jennifer Lawrence with Steve Buscemi’s face that went viral.

Deepfake technology is not perfect but who knows when it will be. So for now, stay vigilant and don’t immediately believe the videos that you see online.

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