WATCH: “My Heart Will Go On” is Played by Musicians While a Mall is Flooding

A musical band in a mall in Mexico played “My Heart Will Go On” as it fit the mood perfectly.

  • A mall in Mexico started to become flooded due to the bad weather that they were experiencing
  • Mall maintenance attempted to clean the flood but water was still pouring hard
  • A band in the mall started to play the song “My Heart Will Go On” that fit the mood

During times wherein you feel like nothing is going your way, you can try to just look at the bright side of things. In this case, a certain band saw the opportunity and they took it.

In a Facebook post from Gibran Gutierrez Aldaz, it showed the Plaza Patria mall in Zapopan, Jalisco, in the country of Mexico slowly getting flooded as water was pouring from the roof. It was reported that the said part of Mexico had strong downpour of rain and hail.

My Heart Will Go On is played while the mall was flooded
A mall in Mexico is slowly getting flooded

Lots of water was pouring from the roof and a large pool of water was forming in the middle of the floor. Everything near it was wet, including a couple of vehicles on display. Nearby, a band was performing music, and they decided to take advantage of the situation.

The band member with the keyboards started to play a few notes, and then clearly he was starting to play “My Heart Will Go On,” by Celine Dion. The song was famous for being the theme song of the movie “Titanic.”

My Heart Will Go On is played while the mall was flooded
The band starts to play “My Heart Will Go On” to lighten up the mood.

Another band member then started to play his bit to add to the song. The band saw that the song fit the mood and that it was their way to entertain the mall goers further. There was also a bit in the video that a mall personnel tried to put a large bucket to catch the water but saw that the size of the bucket is useless against the large volume of water pouring down.

My Heart Will Go On is played while the mall was flooded
The mall personnel’s attempt at catching the flowing water.

In the mall’s entire history this was the first time that it had a flood like what was caught in the video.

Watch the video here:

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