“Daniela Mondragon Walks Everywhere” Meme Became Trending in Social Media

Photos of the character from the teleserye “Kadenang Ginto” edited in different locations immediately became viral

Daniela Mondragon Bartolome Funny Memes

  • Daniela Mondragon is a character in the ABS-CBN afternoon show Kadenang Ginto, played by Dimples Romana
  • One photo of her was posted on social media wearing a red dress and was walking while pulling a red luggage with her
  • Netizens quickly took the opportunity and put her in different locations with the use of photo manipulation

Things can quickly go viral online. A simple photo that looks funny can then be shared, and even edited further to become an online meme, which in turn becomes viral as other people sees it and it starts being spread further. In some cases, an innocent-looking picture can be edited to elicit laughs from everyone that sees it, as with the case with one particular picture.

Daniela selling Yakult
Daniela selling Yakult

Daniela Mondragon is a character from the show Kadenang Ginto, which is a teledrama that is shown every afternoon in ABS-CBN. The character is played by versatile actress Dimples Romano.

Daniela Mondragon-Bartolome

The character became a meme before, when netizens noticed the cheap wig that Dimples wore in the show, which she defended as she can’t get a haircut at that time.

A picture surfaced online from Facebook under a Daniela Mondragon fan page that showed her character walking the street in a red dress while holding a handbag and pulling a red luggage with her.

daniela mondragon walks everywhere
The picture that was said to have started the meme. Image credit: Daniela Mondragon/Facebook

This has then sparked a new meme and people started editing her pictures in different locations. The same Facebook fan page reuploaded some of the funny edits.

Daniela with Captain America
Daniela with Captain America
daniela mondragon
Daniela Mondragon braving the floods
daniela mondragon
Daniela Mondragon Bartolome Memes in GenSan
Daniela Mondragon Funny Memes in GenSan
Daniela as an AirAsia flight attendant
Daniela crossing the street with Binibining Pilipinas Queens
Daniela in Siargao
Daniela is out of town
Daniela sharing the runway with Miss Universe Thailand 2019
daniela mondragon
Daniela vs DIO of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

Move over Jollibee and Darna, here comes Daniela Mondragon’s Funko Pop!

Daniela Bartolome Funko Pop
Daniela Bartolome Funko Pop

Dimples Romana has taken the meme lightly and even enjoyed it. In an Instagram post, she mentioned being a meme as well from playing as Amanda in The Greatest Love, Babaylan in Bagani, and now as Daniela in Kadenang Ginto.

She thanked the people who watch the show everyday and she wants to have more memes to promote happiness and positivity.

Image credit: @dimplesromana/Instagram

If there is anything funny online, it will surely become viral in no time, but at least we know that Dimples is a good sport regarding all the memes.

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