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Maxene Magalona Gets a Haircut, Donates Hair For Cancer Patients

Maxene shows how much hair she had cut and where it will go after and it received praise from netizens

  • Maxene Magalona is the daughter of the late Francis Magalona, who died because of cancer
  • Maxene posted in Instagram that she got her hair cut, from a very long waist-length hair to a shorter shoulder-length one
  • Maxene donated her hair to a charity group that make wigs for cancer patients

One of the hardest things to do if you made an effort to let your hair grow to a very long length is to have it cut. It’s because you either would want to have a different look, or you are unable to manage it. Actress Maxene Magalona had a similar dilemma, but she was encouraged to go through it and not only did she get a new look, but she could potentially give other people hope, too.

Through Instagram, Maxene has shown that she had her hair cut and what she did after. In her first post, she showed that she originally had hair that reached down to her waist, and then she had it cut to a shorter length, which only reached up to her shoulders. She put a simple caption of, “Before and after” and added the hashtag #tuesdaytransformation to it.

Maxene Magalona cuts her hair and donates it to Charity
This is Maxene before her haircut. Image credit: @maxenemagalona/Instagram

A couple of weeks later, she made another post in Instagram. It shows her with the same shoulder-length hairstyle and she was holding the hair that was cut from her. The lock of hair was very long, assuming to be around at least 7 to 8 inches.

Maxene Magalona cuts her hair and donates it to Charity
Maxene shows of the long lock of hair from her haircut that she’ll give away to Hair for Hope. Image credit: @maxenemagalona/Instagram

In this post, she said she initially didn’t want to have the haircut as she was both scared and she was also worried that she needed it to balance things out. It was only with her husband’s encouragement that she did go through it. She was also happy about it because she was able to donate her hair to Hair for Hope.

Hair for Hope is a charity group made by HEADS by volu-med. This group makes quality wigs made from real hair that they give to cancer patients.

In a response to a comment in her post, Maxene also mentioned that the last time she donated her hair was back in 2014. She encouraged the people who saw her post to donate their hair, too, if they get a chance.

Her post was praised by netizens who saw it, with numerous comments saying that they are inspired by the move and may donate their hair, too, once they get a haircut of their own. We’re happy for Maxene for both having the confidence to get her hair cut and that she inspired others to follow her steps.


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