Romina Mondragon of “Kadenang Ginto” is Also Getting the Meme Treatment

It looks like Daniela and Romina are rivals not just in the show, but with memes as well

  • Kadenang Ginto is an afternoon drama series that is shown in ABS-CBN
  • Viral Images of the character Daniela walking in a red dress was edited to appear in different places
  • Her rival in the show, Romina Mondragon, is also getting the meme treatment

Manila, PhilippinesKadenang Ginto has been the talk of the town for quite some time. It has a new chapter coming up, and with the introduction of a new character that will be played by Richard Yap, the rivalry between Daniela and Romina will be fiercer than ever.

Romina and Daniela.

But the popularity of the show did not just come from their cast or the story, but because of the memes that came from it. The latest meme that was created was “Daniela Mondragon Walks Everywhere.”

The source of the meme came from their trailer when Dimples Romana’s character Daniela was shown walking the street wearing a bright red dress and pulling a red luggage. Her image was edited and she was placed in different places and in different situations.

Daniela selling Yakult
Daniela selling Yakult

The meme, in fact, was embraced by Dimples and she thanked the people for spreading good vibes through it. It may have been because of the said meme that she collaborated with the Department of Tourism and she is now a volunteer advocate, with the aim to share awareness of the country’s lesser-known places, as well as museums and heritage sites.

But it looks like the memes doesn’t stop there. Her rival Romina, played by Beauty Gonzalez, is starting to get memes of her own as well.

In the same trailer, Romina was first shown packing her office things and she sat at a sidewalk afterwards. In another scene, she is shown sitting in a chair and wearing a bright gold outfit.

Romina after she packed her things and is about to sit on a sidewalk
Romina lounging while getting a pedicure

Both images were given the same treatment as Daniela, with some on her own, while others had both her and Daniela in it.

romina sits everywhere
Daniela and Romina just outside Queen Tuna Park
romina sits everywhere
Romina sitting at the back of a trailer while watching Daniela walk away
romina sits everywhere
Romina waiting at the bushes for Daniela
romina sits everywhere
Romina decided to hail a tricycle
romina sits everywhere
Romina riding a carabao, with Daniela pulling them both
romina sits everywhere
Romina is waiting for their next teacher

There is also a Facebook post showing the two actresses riding a tricycle, with Dimples as the driver and Beauty as the passenger.

Image credit: Romeo Bryan Riel/Facebook

Kadenang Ginto airs every afternoon at ABS-CBN just in case you would want to be updated with the story and if you might want to see where another meme may come from.

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