Who is Nicole Barretto?

Her name has come up after she accused her aunt Gretchen of “stealing” her boyfriend Atong Ang.

  • The feud between the Barretto sisters has once again been seen after the passing of their father, Miguel Barretto
  • During the wake, it was reported that Gretchen and Marjorie had a fight, and it reportedly happen in front of Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte
  • Nicole Barretto, niece of Claudine, Gretchen, and Marjorie, had then accused her aunt Gretchen of “stealing” her boyfriend Atong Ang

The Barretto siblings are once again in the news recently. After the passing of their father, Miguel Barretto, it was expected that Claudine, Marjorie, and Gretchen would come together and settle their differences but something else happened altogether.

During the wake on October 16, it was reported that Marjorie and Gretchen had a catfight, and it hit the headlines further because reports say it happened in front of President of the Philippines Rodrigo Duterte. But because of this fight, hidden grudges suddenly emerged.

One of the people that had voiced out a deep grudge was Alexandra Nicole Barretto, daughter of Joaquin “J.J” Barretto and niece of the three women.

In the light of all the revelations, Nicole has then accused Gretchen of “stealing” her boyfriend, businessman Charlie “Atong” Ang, to which Gretchen defended herself and said Nicole “stole” him from Claudine.

Atong has issued a statement that he was not involved with neither Gretchen nor Claudine, but he said he was the person who financed Nicole’s high school studies.

But who is Nicole Barretto?

Nicole is the eldest daughter of J.J Barretto, and is the eldest out of four siblings.

Image credit: @jjbarretto/Instagram

She has graduated from Centro Escolar University and she took a degree in Optometry, following her mother Marichi Ramos’ footsteps.

Nicole has a son with Marvin Paolo Magno, who was reportedly baptized on February 2019.

But perhaps the surprising fact regarding Nicole is an image from an article written by, where they showed a post from Claudine Barretto’s Facebook page back in 2014, and it was also mentioned that the same image came from her Instragram but was since deleted.

Image credit: @OptimumStarCLAUDINE/Facebook

The post shows a picture of her, with Nicole and Atong Ang, with the written caption, “Mr.Atong Ang & the love of his life Nicole Barretto & i with the Love birds:) @colebarretto”


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