World Balance Releases Star Wars Collection

The collection becomes available in all their stores starting October 20.

  • Star Wars is a science fantasy movie franchise that started in the 70’s and is still popular from countless novels, TV shows and with the new trilogy continuing from where the original movies ended
  • World Balance is a local shoe brand that has announced that they have a collaboration with Star Wars and are going to release new shoe designs themed after iconic characters from the movies
  • The collection will be available in stores nationwide starting October 20, 2019

In the world of science fiction and science fantasy, there are numerous franchises that expand a person’s imagination regarding what can happen and what can be found in outer space. Some stories are written attempting to explore the outer worlds, while some stories deal with action and adventure between planets and galaxies.

Star Wars is a science fantasy franchise that had started in the 1970, with the first movie which was later given the title Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope, and with the latest one entitled Star Wars Episode XI: The Rise of Skywalker to be shown December of this year. The original movies were directed by George Lucas and tells a story of Luke Skywalker, the son of one of the most powerful Jedi masters, and how he confronted the Sith Lord Darth Vader, all while fighting a war between the Empire and the Rebel Alliance. The story also deals greatly with The Force, an invisible source of power for both The Dark Side (Sith) and The Light Side (Jedi).

Star Wars logo

World Balance is a local shoe brand that is mainly known for their sports apparel. They have done collaborations with the Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) and this October, they have revealed that they have a new project with Star Wars.

World Balance collaborated with Star Wars for their new sneaker designs

From their Facebook page, World Balance have teased that they have something in store that is related to the science fantasy franchise, and they have recently revealed their whole Star Wars collection.

The post shows ten different shoe designs, all themed after characters from the movie franchise. Some of the designs were themed after Darth Vader and the Stormtroopers, another was themed after Chewbacca and Rey from the new trilogy. Four of the pairs were themed after the favorite droids in the movie, R2-D2 and BB-8.

Darth Vader
First Order Stormtrooper

The collection will be available in their stores starting October 20, 2019, and they also announced that they will also have a Star Wars drop event in their Trinoma store at 4PM. The 501st Legion Philippine Garrison will be present as well and those that will come in their Star Wars costume will win P1,000 on them.

Now would be a great time to look for new sneakers if you are both a sneakerhead and a Star Wars fan.


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