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“Bottle Cap Challenge” is Taking the Internet By Storm

Numerous internet personalities and celebrities have taken this new challenge, and some even added their own twists

  • The new “Bottle Cap Challenge” has been trending in social media for quite some time
  • The trend originated from an Instagram video made by Taekwondo instructor Farabi Davletchin where he was able to take off a cap from a bottle with a roundhouse kick
  • Numerous celebrities, internet personalities, and ordinary netizens tried to take on the challenge and some even added twists of their own

Internet challenges are viral challenges that have people try a task that appears to be easy, but is very difficult to execute. Such challenges that had passed are the Invisible Box Challenge, where people would try to jump over an “invisible box” without falling over.

“Invisible Box Challenge”

The current challenge that is out there now is called the “Bottle Cap Challenge.” This challenge involves a person needing to do a roundhouse kick to remove a bottle cap but without hitting the bottle itself.

According to a post from Know Your Meme, the challenge originated from an Instagram video made by Taekwondo instructor Farabi Davletchin. The video showed him kicking a bottle cap off of a bottle in two different ways. He then tagged four people in his post and challenged them to do the same: Jason Statham, Conor McGregor, Jean Claude Van Damme, and Jackie Chan.

Farabi Davletchin doing a turning kick to remove a bottle cap. Image credit: @farakicks/Instagram

A few days later, Max Holloway, an MMA fighter, posted a Tweet of him doing the challenge as well, and he tagged musician John Mayer.

Max Holloway taking on the Bottle Cap Challenge. Image credit: @BlessedMMA/Twitter

Mayer, being a good sport, tried the challenge himself and was successful, as shown in his Instagram post. He also challenged Jason Statham to do the same.

John Mayer about to attempt the Bottle Cap Challenge. Image credit: @johnmayer/Instagram

Jason Statham then posted a video of him doing the challenge in Instagram. It was his video that went viral, which led to other people trying the challenge themselves.

Jason Statham showing that he still got what it takes. Image credit: @jasonstatham/Instagram

Netizens have posted their own take on the challenge, as well as other celebrities like Ryan Reynolds, who made a video with him trying the challenge on his Aviation Gin bottle.

Ryan Reynolds about to kick the cap off of his Aviation Gin bottle. Image credit: Ryan Reynolds/Facebook

Donnie Yen also tried the challenge, but he tried it with an additional difficulty level, as was seen in a Facebook video.

Donnie Yen tries the challenge with a blindfold. Image credit: Donnie Yen 甄子丹/Facebook

Instagram user “eloyd11” posted a video of their own take using a “chancla.”

Who needs a kick when a chancla is just as powerful. Image credit: @eloyd11/Instagram

In the Philippines, there have been a couple of internet personalities that took on the challenge. Our very own Bogart the Explorer from Davao City tried the challenge in a video and he added a bit of twist to it as well.

Bogart the Exporer psyching himself up before he does the Bottle Cap Challenge. Image credit: Bogart the Explorer from Davao City/Facebook

Watch Bogart’s Bottle Cap Challenge here:

This challenge is difficult, but fun to watch, specially when other people try to do their own take of it. I’d try the challenge myself, but I’d rather watch people more qualified than me do it.

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